Saturday, March 31, 2007

Fancy Pants

Reese is getting so good at pulling up, she does it in a flash! Maybe she will walk before Abby did (11 months)! For a while I thought she would be my easy baby...and she is really, really happy all the time. BUT, she is so wiggly. Sometimes I can't even dress her without someone else to help pin her down. Changing a poopy diaper is very dangerous too, I have to be very careful that she doesn't roll away or put her foot in it or something! She is going to be a fast one...what am I going to do?! I may need some kiddie leashes in the near future! Hahaha.

Festival Fun!

It's our favorite time of year! The Flowertown Festival is here! We met some friends there on Friday morning; we shopped and had a picnic. On our first trip around the booths, Abby HAD to have the push toy duck you see her with. It is the first time she has ever asked for something while shopping...of course she HAD to have it! She said "Mommy Abby yone it!" (Her w's sound like y's and it has a serious southern drawl) Daddy says we started a bad, bad trend! Mommy and Abby went back Friday afternoon and then we went again on Saturday with Annie and Ms. Dena. That time we went to the kiddie carnival. Abby rode the train, twice. She wanted to do the jump castle but then saw a bigger one. We went to that one and she saw the slide. So we did the slide twice. She loved it. We had a great time and I was super tired from pushing the double stroller, it's harder to push that you might think!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Crawling Cutie

So at the young age of 7 months Reese is already crawling...She actually stood up the other day! Wow - where has the time gone?

Friday, March 16, 2007

The First of Many

Reese got her first haircut this week...she had a baby mullet! She was squirmy but happy, even though it was way past naptime. Miss. Linda did a great job. It looks like she is going to have curly hair like Abby's, it curled up almost immediately after it was cut. When we were done, Abby asked for a sucker! I told her since she didn't get her haircut, it was not sucker time for her.