Thursday, April 26, 2007

Growing Girls

Look at our big girls at the park this week! Abby and Reese are actually wearing pants, so I definately thought this was blog worthy. Abby climbs to the top of the jungle gym already at 2.5 yrs old! It's maybe 8 or 9 feet in the air. It makes me a little nervous, but her friend Cole does it too and they seem very comfortable climbing and swinging up there. Reese had her first playtime with her friend Amelia. They had lots of fun sharing toys and exploring each other. They are almost the exact same age and it is so much fun to watch them grow together. I know they will be great friends.


Annie said...

What super duper cutie pies - That Abby is a daredevil for sure! And that sweet Reese and Amelia look like they are gonna be cute sweet friends!!!

Dena said...

Hey check me out! You are sucj a good teacher!

ginger said...

wow! pants! i never ever ever thought i'd see that! they look good, though, much better for playing outside and climbing (like the little monkey she is). tell her aunt ginger is proud of her new potty skills and how pretty those big girl panties are!