Monday, April 9, 2007

Hoppy Easter!

Hallelujah, Easter's finally over! I think we've all had our sugar fill quota for the whole year! We simply had the best time over at Dena and Annabelle's house. That Granny Nanny sure can cook! I love a Holiday meal that all I have to do it show up and fill my plate. It was a perfect day. We played and visited, after going to church, of course. The service was great, and the music is always awesome. We love taking Ms. Dena with us. Aunt Nana showed up too! What a treat! After lunch we had the egg hunt, it was so much fun. It was hard for the kids to keep going because they wanted to stop and taste everything! What a fun, long day! We're ready for some uneventful times for a while!


Annie said...

We were SOOO glad y'all came to play with us and celebrate such a special holiday..Everything is ALWAYS more fun with The Wrights - you are such wonderful blessings to us!!! We love you very much and thank God for you everyday!

Anonymous said...

Okay ~ I never noticed how much the Reeser reminds me of Kane until that picture! Maybe it's "THE LOOK"! hehehehe
love and big kisses