Sunday, April 1, 2007

The Last day...sniff,sniff

The last day of the festival we went after church with Ms. Dena and Annabelle. It was so busy. We did our usual lap around the park and then headed to the carnival area to use Annie's leftover tickets. Abby rode the train, for the 3rd time, and Mommy and Abby rode the helicopter together. We could see everything from way up was so much fun. When we had had our fill we grabbed some kiawanis hamburgers to go and headed back to Ms. Dena's house. When we got there, we rode the golf cart all around town. We went to Abby's and then back to Dena's. It's was very fun and a wonderful end to our favorite weekend of the year.

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Annie said...

We are sooo sad the festival is over - we had sooo much fun playing with y'all all weekend - eating kettle corn and having a Kiwanis burger - We already can't wait til next year and the golf cart rides are tooo fun - we still have it! Come ride again!