Sunday, April 29, 2007

What an absolutely busy weekend! I'm sort of glad its over, aren't weekends supposed to be restful? We played hard this weekend. First Reese got this "new to her" car, but this was actually the only time Abby would let her near it. Abby loves it, I wish they had these made for two...I guess that would be a wagon. Maybe we'll get one of those next.

This is our friend Lily Kate, she turned 1 this week. Her party was way fun! While we were there, we played hard at Wanamaker park. It was crazy, several playgrounds and a HUGE slide that Abby went straight to, but would not go down a second time. Reese had her first cupcake, well the icing anyway. She loved it of course.

Here are my precious girls at naptime. The genius I am, I tried to take their picture after church for my new blog header (coming soon!) I tried again after nap and it went a little smoother. If they only could understand that pictures will be on future rehearsal dinner slide shows...maybe they would be more cooperative and smile more often. I hope it gets easier as they get older. I made these hair bows btw, not the dresses though. I'm still working on dresses I started 2 months ago. I'm almost done though, I stitched the last dragonfly today. Hallelujah, I'm going to do something easy next.

Last but not least, Granny and Granddaddy surprised us with a big girl bed tonight. I didn't have any pretty sheets or anything. We'll see how it goes, she sure likes to jump on it though! I'll put more pics up when I get it decorated, I was kind of procrastinating which is why she was still in the crib to begin with.


Dena said...

1. LOVE the new blog
2. Love the new picture
3. Reese is a hoot - you know girl loves food!
4. HOW did I miss SOOO much in 2 days????

Wow - Big girl bed and she didn't climb out??? AWESOME!!!

Our girls are getting sooooo big!

Annie said...

I can't wait to come jump on your new bed!!!!

ginger said...

it means so much to grandma (cora) for Abby to have that bed- its funny how small things warm hearts like nothing else. that bed is all i've been hearing about for weeks now. let me know how she does with it!