Monday, May 7, 2007

Daddy's Big Weekend

This weekend was daddy's big challenge. He watched us from
Friday afternoon until Sunday night! Mommy was at the beach
with Aunt Ashley to relax and play. Daddy did such a good time while Mommy was gone! He even took me to the Aquarium on Saturday! Look my bow even matches! I talked the whole way there about seeing the crabs. That was my favorite part. We went to see the crabs 3 times, and the turtles were my second favorite. Daddy was nervous as I climbed into this frogs lap, I almost fell, but I am the master look how cute the picture turned out! When the day ended I didn't want to leave and pitched a little fit...but wouldn't you too?! Reese started doing something new while Mommy was gone. She like to shake her head back and forth and then look at you to do it too. Also she learned how to climb stairs....a baby gate is on the shopping list! Most impressive of all Daddy's care taking skills was getting us to church by himself...and on time! Mommy was so impressed...and surprised. Maybe he can get us there on time from now on!

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Annie said...

WOW!!! What fun! your Daddy did a GREAT job! I can't wait to go to the aquarium with you - you can show me the ropes! Cute picture!!! I missed you all weekend!!!

Dena said...

Good work Big Daddy Kane - I am most impressed that you actually took pictures for the Bloggie Queen! Score one for you - you better not show off too much or she might make a habit of marrying off her sissy!

I almost called to check but I was too scared!