Thursday, May 3, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

My favorite moments of the week, idea stolen from Dena...

1. Going to the pet store with Abby
2.Making it to church on time
3. Wearing my new boobies (thats what Abby calls a bra)
4. Watching Smallville
5.Watching Heroes
6. Waking up early enough to do my quiet time first (only once)
7. Smocking the last dragonfly...out of 6, what was I thinking?
8. Dinner at Dena's, the chicken was perfect
9. Numerous phone calls with Dena
10. Winning Scene it
11. Playdate with Sugar (it was supposed to be coffee, maybe next time)
12. Making Abby's new bed with new bedding
13. Getting my new Blog Header!!!!

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Dena said...

Hehehehe! What fun moments! Aren't we such blessed girls! It was hard to narrow down all the great moments we've had just this week!!!! Love you!

Jennisa said...

I tagged you...