Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Highlights from my Big Beach Weekend!

1. I smocked 2 dresses!
2. I learned that most of my sisters friends are great is that!
3. I layed out in the chasing of kids at all!
4. I went dancing in a club...I still got it! Hehehe
5. I slept til after 9 both days.
6. I took my time getting ready.
7. I didn't have to clean up after anyone...even me. Ashley's friends are neat freaks...
8. My phone didn't ring at all, it was dead. Maybe that was God's plan...
9. I had a phenomenal quiet time. I think He speaks louder at the beach.
10. I walked on the beach, listening to praise music. How beutiful is God's creation? I was amazed at every sight, touch and smell. Everything smelled good all weekend actually! No diapers, or diaper pails.
11. Yummy food, I went to 2 new restaurants. and we cooked at the house for her shower...well, they cooked. I just ate.
12. Undying energy, a family and house really do wipe you out. That's something to look forward to, when they can bathe and care for themselves etc. I do enjoy it now...just so very tired.
13. Quality time with Ashley, we used to be roommates and sorority sisters in college. I miss her.

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Dena said...

Girl - you KNOW you still got it! I am glad you had such a good time but you are NOT allowed to go anywhere without me for more than 24 hours!!!!

PRAISE GOD about the dragonfly dresses - I thought they might ourgrow them! heheheheh

HomeSchool Mommy said...

Thanks for visiting. I found my daughter's pink and brown polka-dot bathing suit at Wal-Mart.