Friday, May 11, 2007

Who needs the waterpark anyway?

This afternoon we went to the Kabine's to check out their awesome water slide! Reese didn't feel like swimming even though Miss. Claire was nice enough to set up the baby pool, maybe next time. Sam came over too and fun was had by all. Of course we had to wear our new monogrammed bathing suit! Reese has on one of Abby's from last summer, I'm surprised for some reason each time she fits in something that she's not supposed too! My big girl!

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Jennisa said...

Okay, that was too cute! That "bear walkin'" picture...OMGOODNESS... she is just a doll!

Annie said...

I can't wait til summer to slide too!! Reeser is getting so big! She is soooo about to walk and I can't wait to take bikini babe pictures with Abby!!!