Friday, June 29, 2007

Creature of Habit

Can you tell which one is new?
I bet you CAN tell that I'm not much for change...
unless it includes keyless start and a dvd player!
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Thursday, June 28, 2007

I am Shamed!!! Thursday 13

Today I was in the drive-thru at Chick-fil-a, my usual haunt, and was on the phone with Dena. I was talking to her and ordering at the same time. At lunch they take you orders in person outside, then you hand your paper order to another person who calls it in, before you actually get to the normal ordering machine. The first ordering person says "Hey how are you? You're in a different vehicle today?" Dena thought this was hilarious...and a little sad too. So I continue chatting with her and get to the second person who says "Aren't you in a different vehicle today?" OK, so I admit that's a little funny...I LOVE that my chick-fil-a peeps recognize me! We laughed and laughed and agreed it was definitely blog-worthy~! Dena says that when they know me and the girls by name, we may need an intervention! So with those fun events...I bring you my Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Things I LOVE about Chick-fil-a

1. Waffle Fries, Possibly the most perfect fry on earth

2. The Chicken: so good, so many ways. It is even pseudo-healthy being fried in peanut oil.

3. It has a Christian atmosphere. There is Christian music playing, the kidsmeals have Christian books like Hermie and Veggie Tales. AND they are not opened on Sunday.
4. It is clean, they have handi wipes for the kids after play and plastic place settings for them too.
5. The people who work there are well spoken and POLITE. Instead of thank you they say "It's my pleasure."
6. Sweet Tea, yum it's always good
7. The indoor playground, brings a moment of sanity and always keeps Abby busy.
8. Salad, it's so good. Fresh and crunchy, not the normal fast food salad.

9. Polynesian sauce, for nuggets. I think it's a necessity for my fries too. Sometimes I go just because I want this yummy red stuff!
10. Everyone else loves it too, I can always find someone who wants to go.
11. The Cow slogans: "Eat Mor Chikin" how funny is that. They are always good and make me smile.

12. There is not a thing on the menu I don't like...I love it all.
13. They know me, obviously not my name yet...but I'm working on that!!!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wordless Wednesday, Abby's First Year

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Summer Days

Yesterday we went to the beach at Isle of Palms. Carrie has the beach house this week and invited lots of mommy friends to come. We took Miss Sarah, of course, and it went pretty well. We were all very tired though and have decided that the waterpark is much easier! Reese enjoyed crawling and eating sand. She did get to take a nap in the house which was very nice...something the waterpark does not have. Abby really enjoyed jumping over the waves and playing with all of the sand toys, there were so many because everyone brought their own. And you know the kids never want to play with their own! We had so much fun and I am glad to have some sun on me, that always makes you feel pretty I think!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

From the Lips of Children...

Abby: Go get my brother, Mommy
Mommy: You don't have a brother, honey
Abby: Why?
Mommy: (Pause) Because I haven't made you one
Abby: Go make me one.

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Whirlwind of a Weekend

What a busy, busy weekend! We did so many fun things and had such a great time! Abby made a fort with Kane on the kitchen table. I took both girls to the waterpark on Friday. We had a great time, although we had to stop at Target for new suits on the way....We also had a major meltdown on the way home and couldn't find silky for naptime! It is the first time in almost 3 years that she has not slept with silky. Also she has renamed silky "blankie" for some reason. I am not sure why. Friday night we went to the pool with Daddy before going to moe's for dinner. Abby loved to jump into the pool wearing this float. She used her legs to swim back to the steps and climbed out and did it all by herself! She did this many times, so many times that when she tried it on Saturday morning again, the float broke and she sunk. I am so glad I was standing so close to her when that happened! Catastrophe averted. Saturday Afternoon we went to Emma's 3rd birthday party at the YMCA for some gymnastics. Abby didn't want to follow the directions too much and did her own thing, but she did do the stretching and here she is doing the butterfly streatch. Saturday night we went to Margarita's with our whole crew...most of it anyway. There were 9 kids and 8 adults! Wow was that crazy, but better than I expected. All of the kids were great! Sunday we spent as usual, church and lunch with Dena and Annie. While the girls slept, Dena and I layed in the pool! That was might be my new Sunday ritual.

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Happy 10 months!

Today the Reeser is 10 months old. Seriously, I feel like I just did the 9 months post! The time is sadly going by way too fast. I am really enjoying this baby. I think Abby got cheated because I was so stressed out and not a "seasoned" live you learn right? Reese is busier than ever. She is always on the move and has some blisters on her toes from the waterpark to prove it. She is doing great at table food, she especially loves waffles. She also likes cereal puffs, banana and juice. She master the straw and juice box also...and had her first tantrum because I would not give her Abby's juice tonight. She hates her carseat, I got her the big one and have even turned her around. She still hates it, I think she just wants to crawl. She had her first choking incident last night at Moe's, a tortilla chip. It passed quickly because she simply vomited on the table...then all was well. We gave her a lollypoppy instead (Abby's new word) and all was well. She likes to play with her sister a lot. They giggle and hug and kiss, french style. Yuck I know. She has the fun scurry, almost a leap sometimes. She's playing chase already and she laughs with delight. Reese is still a good sleeper. Long naps in the daytime and til 9am in the morning. I hope she will always sleep well. She almost sleeps too much sometimes, much to the dismay of babysitting relatives. I have noticed scratched on the back of her neck and while she sleeps she scratched the nape of her neck (behind her head) while she sucks the other thumb. I notice this more when her nails are too long because she has tiny scabs there. Reese is also a mama's girl. If I am in the room, no one else will do. It's kind of nice actually, Abby never had a preference. If I am not in the room, she does fine with anyone else and loves people. She loves her grandparents, Miss Dena, Sarah our babysitter and Miss Sugar especially. I LOVE my Reeser...I can't believe how time has passed. It's almost time to start party plans! Oh my...what will I do with birthdays 3 weeks apart?

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lollypop, Lollypop!

Reeser had her first taste of pure sugar this week! She enjoyed every last bit of it. It was fun to watch her enjoy it. Abby didn't have any candy until after she was 2...looks like its all downhill from here!

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The First Step

Yesterday the Reeser took her first step...just one. Miss Dena was our witness. She can take one, but it seems that she get's impatient and wants to crawl instead. It is so much faster. I hope she learns soon so she can stop crawling through the dirt at the park...she sure does like to go go go!

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A Visit from Aunt Ginger

Today, Aunt Ginger visited the girls. They had the best time playing and hanging out. Aunt Ginger especially liked watching her dance and helping Abby open her new "Cars" cars. She got 2 Maters and 2 Lightening McQueens. She was so excited. Now I hope I can persuade her to give Nathaniel's back! Check out how she lined them up on the couch! Do we think Daddy's OCD might have been inherited?

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They're Baaaack!

Yea! The newlyweds are home...I bet they are not as happy to be home. Except maybe, all they're presents had not been opened yet! They had a super time, I am soooo jealous. I would love to have a vacation. I would also love to have my wedding dress figure too, but whatever! They loved this swim up bar...who wouldn't? Do you think they make virgin daiquiris? I may have to make a reservation! I have NEVER seen my sister so happy, I was so blessed by these pictures. Welcome to the family Uncle Brett!

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