Saturday, June 16, 2007

Children's Museum

Saturday, Daddy went fishin'. So we went to the Children's Museum with Miss. Dena and Annie! We had the best time and when it was all over...did NOT want to leave! But Miss. Dena and Mommy were tired and sooo hungry! I Loved the mini grocery store where everything was just my size. I liked to fill my cart with lots of fruit and liked the crabs too. I liked playing with the boats in the water table room and I even loved the toddler play area. Everything was sooooo much fun. The best part was our friends were with us!!!

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Dena said...

Annie and I had sooo much fun too -but hey we always do when we are with y'all! I think Aquarium next!

Lindsay said...

Thats great!What cute pictures. I have never been but am chaperoning Romans school trip there next week!

Jennisa said...

Those are some fun photos! You all look like you have such a fun time!