Tuesday, June 5, 2007

First Date

Today Abby went to the movies with Sarah. (Our super duper babysitter...hands off moms!) It is free summer movie festival and Curious George was playing. They had such a good time, I was envious. Abby wore her new monkey dress, even though I bought it for fall with a matching one for Resser. But, hey it WAS a monkey movie...how could she not! Lindsay and Roman were there also and she snapped these CUTE pics. Enjoy!

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Lindsay said...

Cute Slide show! Love the Captions! And i did love that monkey dress!

Dena said...

So stinkin' cute! I think they are a very cute couple! And OF COURSE she would wear the monkey dress!

Anonymous said...

Aw... I feel so loved!! I had so much fun w/ Abby she is a hoot, I don't know where she comes up w/ half the things she says!! She is so Entertaining!! O.. by the way Kane watch out for Roman he is really smooth w/ the ladies!!