Thursday, June 28, 2007

I am Shamed!!! Thursday 13

Today I was in the drive-thru at Chick-fil-a, my usual haunt, and was on the phone with Dena. I was talking to her and ordering at the same time. At lunch they take you orders in person outside, then you hand your paper order to another person who calls it in, before you actually get to the normal ordering machine. The first ordering person says "Hey how are you? You're in a different vehicle today?" Dena thought this was hilarious...and a little sad too. So I continue chatting with her and get to the second person who says "Aren't you in a different vehicle today?" OK, so I admit that's a little funny...I LOVE that my chick-fil-a peeps recognize me! We laughed and laughed and agreed it was definitely blog-worthy~! Dena says that when they know me and the girls by name, we may need an intervention! So with those fun events...I bring you my Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Things I LOVE about Chick-fil-a

1. Waffle Fries, Possibly the most perfect fry on earth

2. The Chicken: so good, so many ways. It is even pseudo-healthy being fried in peanut oil.

3. It has a Christian atmosphere. There is Christian music playing, the kidsmeals have Christian books like Hermie and Veggie Tales. AND they are not opened on Sunday.
4. It is clean, they have handi wipes for the kids after play and plastic place settings for them too.
5. The people who work there are well spoken and POLITE. Instead of thank you they say "It's my pleasure."
6. Sweet Tea, yum it's always good
7. The indoor playground, brings a moment of sanity and always keeps Abby busy.
8. Salad, it's so good. Fresh and crunchy, not the normal fast food salad.

9. Polynesian sauce, for nuggets. I think it's a necessity for my fries too. Sometimes I go just because I want this yummy red stuff!
10. Everyone else loves it too, I can always find someone who wants to go.
11. The Cow slogans: "Eat Mor Chikin" how funny is that. They are always good and make me smile.

12. There is not a thing on the menu I don't like...I love it all.
13. They know me, obviously not my name yet...but I'm working on that!!!

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William said...

May I just say that I laughed OUT LOUD at the fact that they know your car! Too funny. Yes, I agree with all 13 points but must add that you forgot my favorite #14- the MILKSHAKE! Call us anytime you want to go;)

Love,Susie and William (SC too)

HomeSchool Mommy said...

Okay, I have to say THAT IS HILARIOUS! That's how we're known at the sno cone place.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Chik-Fil-A!!!!

Mmmm!!! And, Polynesian sauce!!! Although, I only use it for my fries. The chicken is just too good to dip!

Dena said...

HAhahahahahah- Now THAT is a Thursday Thirteen to behold! Aren't you a hoot! I say they will know you by name in NO TIME!!!

Lindsay said...

That is funny!That used to happen to me at starbucks!I liked that thirteen!We havn't yet developed a chic fil a obsession but after reading your list I can see why you love it!

The LaBouffs said...

Guess you know now that you can't go twice in one day without being noticed ;) I totally agree with you on ALL 13!! I would eat there more if there were one closer to me (it's about 15 or 20 minutes away)...speaking of...think I'll go get some nuggets :)

twolinesonastick said...

That was hilarious, and such a unique idea for TT!

Jeffcoat House said...

Oh, there is no shame in being a Chick-Fil-A Lover! YUMMMMY!

Jennisa said...

That is SOOOOO funny! Not that they even recognize your face, because that in itself is kind of odd, but they recognize your CAR? FUNNY!!!!!

pinkmommy said...

We are getting a chik-fil-a next week, and I CAN'T WAIT! My girlfriends and I have Starbucks night every few weeks. We are trading in our chai tea lattes with vanilla for some chicken nuggets and waffle fries!!!