Friday, June 15, 2007

My Growing Monkey

Today Kane and I were in the frog (office) and I heard Reese. She had been playing with Abby downstairs. I told Kane to grab her because she was trying to climb the stairs. He said "Uh, no. she HAS climbed the stairs!" She was already at the top. She has also enjoyed climbing her sister's trampoline lately and likes to jump on it. More recently she climbs it and then face dives off, then re climbs and repeat. I catch her , of course, but she loves it. She has also been standing unassisted for some time now, but I haven't gotten a picture until now. How did I end up with two climbing monkeys? So much for my lazy child...I will say that she is pretty content, thank you Lord.

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Dena said...

I just love that girl! She is getting sooo big and has the best little personality! I can't get over all the new things she's learning - although her big sis does show her the way!

William said...

She is too too cute! I love that she is active like Abby. I hope that one day Sally Clarke wakes up from her princess-like sleep and is fun like Reese!

Jennisa said...

The look on her face is so adorable as she's climbing the stairs. Gone are the days of just setting them down for an hour and them not moving...sigh...:D