Monday, June 4, 2007

My How Big You Are!

Today was Reese's 9 month Appointment. All of the nurses were sooo happy to see her. I thought it was funny that they remembered her because we haven't been there for three months. But she is so happy, how could you forget? She was 25th % in weight, 95th in height and 25th in head size. We got one shot and a finger prick to check her iron. She did really well. They did have to check her height twice because it appeared that she had shrunk...but the table paper was just wrinkled from all of her wiggling.

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Dena said...

Oh my gravt that's a CUTE CUTE little girl! I could just eat her up!!!!

Lindsay said...

I love her! She is joy. And I love the little boats on her dress..precious!

Annie said...

Sista - why you get soo big so quick?