Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tagged Four Some Fun

I was tagged by goes.

4 Fave Jobs

1. Mommy
2. Wife
3. Jewelry Sales @ Mom/Dad's Store
4. Bookkeeping, sounds boring but it's for our business. Basically I handle all the money!

4 Fave Places

1. Dena's House
2. Home
3. Church
4. Target

4 Fave Foods

1. Coke
2. Pasta
3. Coconut Cake
4. Southwestern Salad

4 Fave International Places...I haven't been to that many so just places for me

1. Hawaii, hands down. The best place on earth
2. Disney
3. Charleston, SC
4. Did I say Hawaii?

4 People I Tagged

1. Lindsay
2. Amy
3. Susie
4. Elizabeth

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Dena said...

LOVE disney !!!! foursome fun - that's a good one dudette!!!

We like all the same stuff - imagine that!!

HomeSchool Mommy said...

Thanks for the tag! I got mine up now.

My name's Elizabeth, by the way. I forget to sign my name, so everyone knows me as "HomeschoolMommy"...which, I guess is kinda cool.

Amy said...

thanks for the tag :) That was a fun list to think about!