Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Visit from Aunt Ginger

Today, Aunt Ginger visited the girls. They had the best time playing and hanging out. Aunt Ginger especially liked watching her dance and helping Abby open her new "Cars" cars. She got 2 Maters and 2 Lightening McQueens. She was so excited. Now I hope I can persuade her to give Nathaniel's back! Check out how she lined them up on the couch! Do we think Daddy's OCD might have been inherited?

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Lindsay said...

Thats funny! Roman and Abby share that trait. I know Roman gets it from me!Maybe they can get together and organize and line up their toys!

Dena said...

Well - it was bound to kick in on one of the kids - they couldn't BOTH be as laidback as you - that would be TOOO easy!