Tuesday, July 31, 2007

At that Chuck E. Cheese

So everything with Abby starts with "At that..." For example, "I wanna go at that Logan's." So me, Kane and Dena have adopted this lingo as well. It amuses us, although I'm not sure it does much for Abby learning the correct way to say it!

Tonight we went "at that Chuck E. Cheese" with our playgroup. Kane also went, he was the only Dad there, which is often the case. His work is really flexible, plus he's all about some girl talk! He grew up surrounded by lots of sisters, aunts and girl cousins...I think that's why. We had an awesome time, although I was very disappointed that they have removed vanilla coke from the tap! (It was replaced by Coke Zero, sucky.) Reese did really well, she climbed everything imaginable, the rides and the slide. She was a handful to say the least. She was playing around this little girl who seemed to be the same age and size, so I asked her mom how old she was...15 months! So I was half embarrassed and half proud when she reciprocated the question and I had to say 11 months. She was very surprised and said only "wow." I said " yep, I've got my hands full!."

Abby also had a great time, she played lots of games with Kane. She had her eye on a ring in the prize counter so he won extra tickets so she could have it...it's just beginning huh? Each year it will get bigger from the stamper ring to eventually things with many numbers on the price tag. We do love our girls...you can tell if you compare their closets with ours!

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Like my Blog?

I, personally, think my blog rocks. It makes me happy everytime I open it! Check out my friend Jennisa's blog if you want to "pimp" your blog too! Her family blog is here, if you want to get to know her too! She is one of my daily stops....ok, maybe several times a day. But who's counting!

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Monday, July 23, 2007

From the Lips of Children...

We went to Jack and Mary's 4th birthday on Saturday. We had so much fun at Celebration Town jumping and eating, did I mention the Chick-fil-a?! I was in a "castle" with Abby and she wanted me to jump with her. So I was jumping really big, as we were the only ones in it. She said "Mommy, don't break it!" Sigh....it was cute and only partially hurt my feelings!
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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Happy 11 months!

Dear Reeser,

My sweet girl, how can you be so big already? You are turning out to be such a beautiful child, inside and out. How is it possible that you smile so much? You smile especially big when you are darting away from me in a game of baby chase! You don't make it far but the effort is priceless!

This has been such a big month for you! No more baby food, and child you do love to eat! How can you not in our family? Walking too? You are getting faster everyday. You still love to sleep, sometimes all day...you definitely got that from me. Sometimes I would love to join you for a nice, cuddly snooze...but your sister does not share our love of sleep!

You have starting dancing in the last few days, your daddy saw it first. It is way too cute. We played in the jumbo mirror at Mimi's today, you had so much fun. Laughing and smacking the mirror, it was very fun. You love to wiggle you tongue back and forth and make fun noises when you do. You also have started to join us in our meal time prayer! You fold your hands just like we do, that was very fun. I'm not sure you would do it if your food was already in front of you! But you pray with us just the same.

You still have only two teeth, I think it is so funny. I know all kids are different, but no teeth in a whole month? Needless to say, you can eat almost anything with those tow little teeth! You are in love with a toy, his name is "tumble time tigger." You are supposed to squeeze his nose to make him dance and do cartwheels, but you like to bite it instead. He rarely gets to do his thing around you because you want to hold him and drag him everywhere.

In one month you will be one. Is that possible? I have already started the party preparations! I am very excited. I wish I could slow down and savor the time with you. I suppose we'll have eternity to do that. I love you sweet girl, I look forward to some more milestones...

Love, Mommy

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

13 things the girls are doing...

1. Reese is eating EVERYTHING, she doesn't like cottage cheese, green beans or broccoli. She LOVES mandarin oranges, mac and cheese and juice.

2. Abby is not staying in the bed much at night, we have regressed. She got up 3 times last night, and when I tucked her in before I went to bed, she was necked. THEN she woke me up at 1am to put her back to bed.

3. Speaking of necked...Abby loves to be necked. She is always stripping down and also loves to wear her bathing suit. Sometimes if I try to dress her she says "no mama, I like bein' necked."

4. Reese has finally started holding her own bottle, now that it's time to give it up!

5. Both the girls have lovies. Abby has her silky, she has only slept without it once in 3 years. Reese likes her hippo a lot. She also loves her bumpers, they are huge like pillows and are velvety minky dot fabric. She wallows on top of them and snuggles under them. AND they both suck their thumb! Abby her right, and Reese her left.

6. Abby is really into Aladdin right now, she calls it her "new movie." She also still loves Dora and likes the Wonder Pets too.
7. Abby is really into her mega blocks right now, she makes "houses." Reese likes all toys, she is so easy to entertain. She likes the Fisher Price Learning house when we're in the playroom. She goes in and out the door and likes to swing the door open and shut.

8. Abby will not keep shoes on, unless they are flip flops. She is obsessed with her "sip sops." We always have to put shoes back on before she gets out of the car or when we get up from a restaurant table...so annoying sometimes.

9. Abby is doing really well using the potty. She does better with #2, wierd. I think it's usually the other way around.

10. Abby is also loving birthday parties. She talks about them all the time and is always singing Happy Birthday to someone...or something. We do go to a lot of them though, at least 2 a month. Next month is Reese's birthday and the next month is Abby's. I am soooo excited, I think she is going to love it this year.

11. Reese is a mama's girl. If I am in the room she doesn't want anyone else to hold her. If they reach for her, she swats at them or hides her arms. It's pretty funny. She is definitely not spoiled, sometimes I hardly get to see her at all. BUT she loves her mama.

12. Abby saw/heard/felt lightening last night for the first time. We were outside getting the mail and were going to go for a walk. A huge loud clap of lightening thundered. She hit the ground and all her limbs flailed around. She was genuinely terrified. She sobbed for at least 5 minutes...not something she does a lot. Kane took her back outside and taught her about clouds and thunder and rain. She was still a little shy after that.

13. Abby loves to dance. She dances vigorously and wants everyone to join in. She dances with no music at all. She danced so much at my sister's wedding she was still dancing at 10pm and didn't want to leave! She was dancing so hard at church the other day she fell and bumped the chairs out of alignment. I had to subdue her a little. That girls loves to dance.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Friday, July 13, 2007

From the Lips of Children...

Last night I was laughing at my friend Sugar's smoochin' story...tonight I have one of my own! When it's time to say goodnight, Abby gives Daddy a hug and a kiss before I take her to bed. Tonight that kiss was sort of long and she moved her face around a little....Kane was like "what are you doing?" So I asked her " who kisses like that Abby?" She replied "princess." We just finished watching some of Aladdin, her new favorite movie. In the movie the princess and Aladdin have long kisses. It was so funny, I can't believe how kids pick stuff like that up!

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Tonight, Reeser started playing peek-a-boo by herself. She missed her eyes wwith her hands most of the time...it was sooo cute.

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It didn't take long!

This is the first time Abby found out there was a DVD player in the car...pre-loaded with Dora of course! I was saving that secret for an emergency...That lasted for a week. I only made it to the post office that day, before finding it a necessity! I think we are out of sync with our schedule because Sarah comes to watch the girls Monday thru Thursday mornings. So when Friday rolls around, I'm like a fish out of water. I may have to work on that. You can't really tell but she has on cordless earphones, so I can listen to something besides Dora...it totally rocks.

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Abby's "Siend"

Kane has had the camera a lot lately for work, so I haven't been able to blog as many pics. A few weeks ago Sarah took Abby to the YMCA to see her "siend" Dakota. They have a really good time together. Check out Abby's party dress...she picked it out herself to wear to the movies that day! It was the first time she had worn it, it looks cute. She may have to wear it again soon!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

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She walks!!!

Reese started walking this weekend! She was already taking 2 or 3 steps, but now she does like 10 before she dives toward what (or who) she wants. She is even doing so much better this evening than she did this morning! She sort of runs actually. Tonight she was running behind this push toy, it was so so so funny. It was nice to laugh after the day I had. When it was time to stop, she didn't know how and sort of fell backwards with the cart on top of her. She was crying, but I was laughing. I can't believe she is running! Yikes, that makes me a little nervous about what is to come! Congrats Reeser...you beat your sister's steps by 2 weeks! She walked at 11 months. (ps I made this outfit... how cute is that?)

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Satan Sucks.

Today Satan stole my time with my girls. It is a regular work day, but my mommy group was going to the waterpark so I packed up the girls and Sarah and we were going to play hooky for a day. Well...on the way there I made a U turn. I had to ease over the curb and I got a flat. I think that's weird that it was flat, does that seem normal? So, I had to pull over and I called Kane...no help. (We'll discuss that another day.) I called *HP, they came but since I was off of the interstate the community service people came. They couldn't change it because of liability...could they have told me that over the phone before I waited 30 minutes for them to get there? So they told me to call onstar, I waited an hour and 20 minutes for him to come. Then he changed the tire, another 30 minutes. Some time before the first truck got there, Lindsay was on her way to the waterpark so she picked up Abby and Sarah to go with her til I could go too. Somewhere between the 1st truck and the 2nd truck, Dena picked up Reese and took her home. So I did get to do my Bible study while I was in the car, luckily I had the book and Dena had a Bible that she left with me. That was the only plus. Did I forget to mention I had my hot pink bathing suit on with a cover up that did not do much covering? Yeah, I got to chat with 4 men like that and who knows how many other people saw me. Lesson learned, dress appropriately. The tow man had to do some paperwork to wrap it up, he asked my mileage. I said, "221." He said "no, not your trip mileage, your odometer." I said "221. It's only a week old...yeah that sucks, huh." He said, " I hope your day gets better." I said "me too."

In Summary,

1. I spent 2.5 hours in my car waiting in 100 degree weather. Thank God for AC.
2. Sarah got to play with Abby, Dena got to play with Reese, and I got to play with no-one.
3. I am ticked at Satan...but what's new there?
4. I never made it to the waterpark, sigh.

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Friday, July 6, 2007

You like me, you really like me!

Jennisa over at Princess Diaries nominated me for this fun award. Here's what she had to say:

"Leslie ~ over at The Wright Girls is also a blast! Her and Dena are best buds, and I also did Leslie's layout! She is a mother of 2 little girls, and I so enjoy reading her blog!"

I love my layout so much, I am soooo thankful for Jennisa everytime I open it up. She is one of my top daily stops and I would have totally nominated her too! So thanks to all the little people that got me to where I am today!...that would be Dena and Jennisa...and God. Don't you always have to thank God? What fun, I haven't been too rockin' this week and I completely apologize. I'll make up for it I promise.

So, my pick for Rockin' Girl Blogger is Elizabeth at Homeschool Mommy. I love her blog, it is so pretty and feminine...you know I do love pink and brown! Actually I almost went with her layout, but wanted something no one else had instead. I really enjoy reading her conservative views on things, I am also conservative and it's always fun to find someone who thinks like that. I am also very impressed with all she does, I don't know how she get's it all done! Congrats fellow Rockin' Blogger!

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Monday, July 2, 2007

Happy 3rd Nathaniel!

Sunday, Abby and I went to Chuckie Cheese to celebrate Nathaniel's 3rd birthday! Abby loves a birthday party...and really anything to do with cake! BUT she did not like that Chuckie Cheese! She is still talking about it. Anytime she spotted him she either ran full speed the other way or lept into my arms. On the slide here, she is hiding from him! This morning when she woke me up, she got her play keys and shoes on. She said she wanted to go see Chuckie Cheese to tell him "not to get her." She talked about him all day. She rode lots of rides and really enjoyed the "toke" (coke.) It was really Sprite but I guess cause it was fizzy it was "toke." I have never seen her drink so much! And then there were TWO cakes! They were both yummy, dirt cake in a dump truck and a white cake with a train on top. I was so glad that there were two because I don't like chocolate and a lot of times I go without cake...it was YUMMY! We had such a good time playing together, I am so glad that we went!

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