Friday, August 31, 2007

From the Lips of...Mommies!

Does it count as cursing if you spell it? Hmmmm. Tonight we were eating dinner and I caught Reese out of the corner of my eye. Reese was eating with a fork. I said "are you #%#@ing me?" (Yes I spelled it, such the rebel huh?) Abby had given her a fork, which I never do because I don't want her drumming on the table. She ate the rest of her food with one years old? Is this normal? I thought it amazing but maybe I need to get out more!!! We had breakfast, which was fun and a hit! We ALL had clean plates...which is never the norm.

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I'm a Monkey!

Today was meet your teacher at Abby's preschool. Her teachers are Ms. Terri and Ms. Chris. Abby has been in MMO for 2 years and has always loved it, I rarely even got a goodbye when I dropped her off. Just recently she has had some attatchment issues so I was concerned how it would go. Last night when I put her to bed, I told her what we were doing this morning and I said " does that sound like fun?" She said "yes! ........Don't leave me. I don't like when you leave me." So sad. Today when we went, it was great. She likes her teacher, although I couldn't get her to pose for a picture with her. Which is ok because I couldn't get my sucky camera to turn on anyway. I did get these few with my phone, The last one is Abby giving Ms, Terri a high five goodbye. I will say that she had fun with all of the new toys and was not ready to leave. That is promising. I think Kane will take her next week so it won't be so hard, She has just been a mama's girl lately, she hasn't even wanted to go to Sunday School. Her classmates are very cute, although Abby is the oldest and the only one that is potty trained so far. I'm sure it will be fine. I assume she will be the oldest in all of her classes because her birthday is 2 weeks past the cut off. School starts next week! I am excited, I actually will get to spend more time with her than during the summer when I have a sitter. I hope that will cure our clinginess!

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I have to get done for Abby's Party (in 2 weeks!!!)

1.Mail the invites, they're stamped and ready to go! I was up til 1:30 last night putting them together and addressing them.
2. Make Abby's dress.
3. Order Abby's shoes.
4. Find a jumpy castle.
5. Order goody bags.
6. grocery shop.
7. Get the fabric and pattern for Abby's dress...guess that will have to be before #2!
8. Get paper goods, plates etc.
9. Decide how much pizza I need.
10. Order the cake and cupcakes.
11. Get candles, the pink ones I usually use don't match our theme this year.
12. Discuss with my mom if the grandparents (mine) are coming and where they will be staying.
13. Enjoy Abby's last two weeks as an official two year old!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Mama called the Dr. and the Dr. said...

We had Reese's 1 year well check this morning. Don't ask me why I decided to do this the day after her party, the kitchen is a mess and presents are everywhere! It went well, although it was a little hectic. This was the first time I took both of them in. I usually have a babysitter for Abby. Actually Abby hasn't been to the Doctor for 1.5 years! While were there the Doc listened to her ticker and it was great! I might take her for a check up next month because there is a new vaccine on their list that Abby didn't have as a baby. The girls did great, Reese was in perfect health. She is 50% in weight and 75% in height. Check her out chatting it up on her new phone! Thanks Uncle Brett and Aunt Ashley! It saved the day! I love this random picture of Abby, it is the best smile I have caught in forever! I may have to frame it, hopefully she's outgrowing the no smile phase we're in.

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Happy 1st!

Dear Reeser,
I have been avoiding this all day. Even now, before there are many words, I can barely see the keys to type. What do you say to your precious one year old? How can you put words to emotions that only a mother could understand? You are an amazing child, it pains me to not type baby...but you are officially a toddler now. If this first year, which has been a dream, is any indication of what the future holds for you I will have an extra reason to praise the Lord every day. I have said from day 1, 1 year ago today, that if all babies were like you I could have a dozen. I love being your mommy.

As a 1 year old, you are getting so fast. Running every where you go, and surprisingly holding your own with your big sister. You girls are two peas in a pod and you play together more everyday. You love to wear shoes...praise God, I can only keep up with 1 shoe boycotter in this house. Even if you are only wearing a diaper, you go to your closet pull out 2 matching shoes and have me put them on you. You don't' take them off either. If it's any indication of your love of shoes, you got 2 pair for you birthday...and it was not a big party!

You love food, especially mac n cheese, which we served tonight at your party, in your honor! You love cereal bars and fruit. You also love chocolate milk, not something you need at 1 year old, but somehow you always seem to swipe your sister's when she is not looking.

You love electronics; remotes, phones and cameras. You grab one of those whenever you can, even though you know better. If you see me coming to take it away, you high tail it! You also hold the phone up to you ear like you are talking, which I think is funny.

Things hold your attention, like toys and books. You have a great attention span, for a baby, and will pick up a book and look at it yourself or bring it to me and sit in my lap while you look at it yourself. Even tonight, Daddy wanted to know what to do because you wouldn't put down you book to take your bottle.

You are sweet, you have several favorite people and always go to them when they walk in the room. You must be held by them. Even tonight at the party, I barely got to hold you because you wanted Dena and Miss Sarah to hold you. You actually threw a fit when Sarah left....I don't know what you'll do when she goes off to school next month.

My favorite part of the day is coming to tuck you and Abby in at night. I can't help but praise God and be so thankful. There are no words to describe it, I can only tell Him thank you. I see a small bit of how He must love us. How crazy it must be, untarnished by our human yuck. I pray that you will know Him, and love Him and experience Him. I can't wait to share Him with you, this God who knew you before you had a name.

Reeser, I love you so much it hurts. You are precious, I never stop thanking God for you. Happy Birthday Sweet Girl, Mommy

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Party Time!

Wow!!!What a fun time we had! The food was yum, the cake was extra yum and the company even better...did I mention the loot?! Parties are so great! The girls had a blast, although they had to warm up for a while. Reese demolished her cupcake, ate the whole thing, instead of just making a mess like a 1 yr old usually does....girl does like to eat!!! She got some fun, fun stuff! Check out this great car from Ms. Dena, it is awesome. Reese was fighting off some would- be riders, so she could get in. All the kids played bumper cars with that, a wagon and a ride on elmo toy. There may have been some chaos, to say the least! The cake was perfect, did I mention that Aunt Nana (aka Kane's sista Meredith) is a master baker and pastry chef? If you look at Abby's cupcake (on plate), which was made especially for her with a monogram on top, you'll see she filled it with pink vanilla frosting and it had chocolate on top. I finished Abby's outfit late last night, apparently she did not like the pants, because she took them off twice! I should have made the top longer and it could have been a dress... There are more pictures to come, I actually didn't take many because Dena, Carrie, Meredith and Roxie all took pictures too. That's a lot of cameras for a small shendig! I can't wait to see them all and I'll do a slide show later. I can't believe it's finally over, I have been obsessing, and sewing, for weeks! Now...Abby's is in 3 weeks, yikes. Hers is the big one, with all of our playgroup buddies. Time to get to work all over again!

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Thursday Thirteen

Happy Birthday Reeser!!!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New Stuff

Abby has started to pretend just recently. She pretends things are seatbelts, like the changing pad here, and insists we all buckle up so we can be safe. She has been putting coins in a crack under the kitchen drawer and she petends to pull a ring out and put it on my finger. She pretends she has food in her hand and feeds it to a baby or Bailey, our Dog. It is been really interesting seeing her pick this skill up.

Reese has gotten interested in TV, I think that is so funny because Abby was not interested in TV until after she was two. Reese especially likes Dora and Mickey Mouse, because that's what Abby watches, and she always dances when the music comes on.

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Monday, August 20, 2007

From the Lips of Children...

Yesterday I finished wrapping up the party favors for Reese's party and I put them on the mantel. Abby of course wanted them, which is why I put them on the mantel. She was reaching sooo hard to try and get one. She turned to me and said "Mommy, I need a Mouseke-tool to get those!" I thought that was so funny, we have been watching a good bit of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse lately!

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Can I do this on a Friday? I guess I will...
Thirteen things I love about blogging

1. Organizing our lives in one place, I can't stand scrap booking. This is it for me.
2. Having something to do on the computer besides work or sucks and one is expensive and way too easy.
3. Seeing what all my friends are doing, and commenting on it so I they know I took the time to look.
4. Reading my own comments. They get emailed to me on my phone which is awesome. I get a weird feeling of accomplishment when I get lots of comments. Dena says that she doesn't consider a post a success unless it has at least 6 comments. I think that is so funny and LOVE when I hit that mark!
5, Meeting new friends. How great is it that we get to meet new friends and get the fellowship, camaraderie and stories without any of the work? I am a true self proclaimed lazy person!
6. I get to see what old friends are doing. My friend Megan in VA just put hers up, and she hasn't lived here since Abby was born! My roomie from college, Amy, blogs now too and I love to see what she's doing. I even saw another roomie's site on her link great is that!
7. Family gets to see what we are doing. If you have kids, you know that even when family visits, it's hard to get through one whole conversation without being int erupted. This way they see the important stuff and don't get left out.
8. I have something to do with the million pictures I take of the girls. AND I get to look at them all the time, when I check out my own blog! Am I the only one who likes to look at their own blog?! It must be because Jennisa made it oh so pretty!
9. It gives me and Dena ONE more thing to chat about. We chat several times a day, most days, and blogging is always a fun topic! She's actually the one who got me hooked.
10. It's a great creative outlet. I am very crafty and LOOOVE to do fun pretty project. This way I get to do one everyday almost.
11. It makes me use my brain and vocabulary, which are close to mush during my mommyhood. 12. Also I type faster now, that's kind of nice for work too! Although, now Kane make me dictate his emails, so I guess I have more to do!
13. I always have something to do when I am bored and too lazy to do the things I should be doing. It's this or least this is some form of accomplishment!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Privacy Please, Hehehe. I laugh everytime I see this. She will really hate this one day.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Who me? You're too kind...

This award is for those bloggers who are nice people; good bloggie friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration - Also for those that are a positive influence on the blogging world....Once you've been awarded feel free to pass it on to those you feel are deserving!

My friend Dena nominated me for this fun award! Thanks to all of my bloggie friends who make blogging soooo much fun! I love that our blogging community is such a safe outlet and can be so encouraging! I love you all, Leslie

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Front Yard Fun

We had the best time tonight after dinner playing in the front yard, Abby got to use an umbrella for the first time...with a little help from Daddy!

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