Wednesday, September 26, 2007

10 things that make me smile...

I was tagged by Jennisa for a little goes.

1. Tucking (and smooching) my little ones in before I get in bed.
2. Wallowing in my super soft, 600 thread count sheets. I thank God for them often in my morning prayers!
3. Abby has this joke where, when she's feeling sassy, I ask her what she wants for dinner and she says "do do." It is so frustrating and a little embarrassing but it is so funny at the same time. Sometimes, she switches it up a little and says "do do pie!"
4. My new camera. I was stuck in the stone ages it seems with my 5 year old camera that died recently. Hmmmm, on second thought, do I believe in the stone ages...are the stone ages only if you believe the earth is billions of years old? I'll have to look into that. Anyways, it was old.
5. Coke, Even though I have cut waaaaaaay back, I love that first sip that is so cold and burns your tongue just a little bit.
6. When Jesus does something really cool, you know like when you need some money for something and the exact amount falls into your lap? Or when you lose something special and He shows you exactly where it is. OR when you are down in the dumps and you get a great card or phone call or surcie from someone. Those make me smile.
7. TV, I love a good story....and I LOVE TV. I am so excited about Fall TV, I have already enjoyed Heroes and Chuck. I am ecstatic about Smallville on Thursday.
8. Worship, I love music...really good worship music. My church just happens to rock, the music is cd quality and it is so easy to worship the One and Only when no one is singing off key! ;)
9. His Word; the Bible is timeless, appropriate for all days and all situations. I love coming across just the right verse, at just the right time. That makes me smile.
10. When my hubby complements me. I have felt so ugly and chunky since we have been married. I love when he tells me I look nice or have lost some weight. I still remember when, in the 11th grade, I had lost a bunch of weight, and he told me that he could tell. We were not dating at that time, but it is a really significant memory. I remember what I was wearing and what class we were in and everything. That's huge for me...I'm not so great at the memory thing.

I tag Sugar. You're it!

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The LaBouffs said...

What's a surcie? Oh and get I get the recipe for doo-doo pie? I think Noah just might like it ;)!!

Cute list.

LeslieW. said...

A surcie is a Southern term for surprise for no apparent reason.

Dena said...

Dude - Surcies are the BOMB - Do do pie - kinda gross! TV - SOOOO exciting! and you DO look great!! You are SPINALICIOUS!

Megan said...

I've been wondering how to spell "surcie". I remember when you use to say it all the time and I had no idea what you were talking about. One of my favorite "surcies" is still the bag you made for me. It's what I keep my devotions in next to my chair. And I will get to see it in just 4 weeks!
And I know exactly what you are talking about when it comes to COKE. YUM YUM! My new favorite is the coke in the glass bottles. I kept telling Shane that it just TASTED better. He didn't believe me. Then one night we were watching food network and lo and behold I was right. Something about the glass not reacting with the chemicals in COKE. Anyway, it's an occasional splurge at Sam's club. Try it and tell me what you think.

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

I agree with you about the "God moments" It's so cool that He cares about even the smallest things in our lives!

Mari said...

What a great list! I would have some of the same on mine. Hope the girls are feeling better - we would have loved to meet you too today!

Leigh Ann said...

Great list! I have some of the same ones on my list. I have also seen "surcie" spelled "Cerci". I used to have a customer who spelled her business "Cerci". Would that be the French spelling?Compliments are the best!!! I don't think people give enough compliments these days.

Lindsay said...

Great list! I love Suprises from Jesus too! he always knows what we need and shows up right on time. I also like number 10 that is sweet. I also remember certain moments in life like that but for some reason it is when my dad or brother have told me I am beautiful!

Terri said...

I love your list too. It's amazing when you start thinking about it, how many things we have that make us smile. We just take them for granted. That's what I love about these lists, they make you think!

Buffie said...

This list is awesome..I can so relate to the sheets, camera and many others..except I need the new camera!!

Melissa said...

Everytime I read your stuff and Buffie's it is as if i just wrote it myself. We are so alike in so many ways. I say thumbs up on the sheets, coke and compliments. Oh, and Jesus is way cool!