Friday, September 28, 2007

The Coveted Cake...UPDATED

Gettin' Started
The best recipe...ever.
Smells sooooo good...can't wait!
Neither could Abby, she decided it needed a taste.
This is the "crumb coat" a thin layer of icing, you chill it and then have a smooth, clean surface for the pretty icing.

Dena has, on occasion, mentioned her favorite cake that I make. For our girl's weekend this weekend at Virginia's beach house, I decided to make carrot cake. Here are some of the steps I took in that process seems monumental to me because it has been at least 1.5 years since I have made it. The last time was for Dena's birthday or (maybe for her for Christmas?), the one before last because this time she was on a diet.

Finished product still to come, waiting on Kane to get home from store with more supplies!

Yum! It was good...I still have some in the fridge!

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Lindsay said...

yum! Have a great weekend! How fun!

Megan said...

Is that the cake you made at Carrie's shower? YUMMY! Definitely the best cake ever!

The Birds Nest said...

It looks so incredibly delicious!!! I enlarged the photo of the recipe to make a copy. I can't wait to make it, but I need the cream cheese frosting recipe too. What do you use for the crumb coat? A thin layer of the cream cheese frosting? Will you please e-mail me the recipe at Have a great weekend. Thanks!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Oh I want interactive blogging- I would sneak a bite right now. That looks so good.

Mari said...

It looks so good - I may have to come back to South Carolina!

Terri said...

That looks delicious. I agree with Cheri - they need to invent interactive blogging! I love your mixer - I have the same one!

Dena said...

IT is my FAVORITE!!! YUMMY YUMMY!!! Thank you for making for us - so everyone else can see why I love it so!

The LaBouffs said...

Yummy! I'll have to try this recipe! I love me some carrot cake!