Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The First Day!

Today was Abby's first day of 2 year old preschool. She wasn't to excited about going, she told Kane last night "Daddy, I not excited." But once she was there she was all smiles. We were inspired by William to wear our Monkey outfit, our classroom is called "The Monkeys." Miss. Terri liked it and Abby did too. She said that the BoBo Brothers were on her shirt! That's a Go Diego Go thing fyi. The only downfall was that Abby came home in her emergency outfit, the first day! Maybe it was too new and I should have gone with a pull up for the first day. I'll talk to her teacher about it later. So, all in all it was a success and I actually feel less guilty while she's there than when I work at home for some reason. I think it's because she is not here and saying "Mommy, you want to go outside with us?" That kills me to say I can't.

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Dena said...

Yeah Abby - I knew she was going to do great - she is THE social butterfly! Friends and she's ready to roll -don't worry bout the emergency britches - she was just too too excited!

The LaBouffs said...

Love the monkey outfit!

Accidents happen...maybe she won't have any more though :)

Lindsay said...

Thats great that you are feeling less guilty with her in school. It helps to know they are having a great time and are so busy having fun!I am sure she will love it more everyday!

Buffie said...

We are so glad she had a great first day, but sad we are on opposite days from you!!! We love Ms. Terri too!!!