Friday, September 14, 2007

Happy, Happy Birthday Abby!

I can't believe it's finally here! I have been so excited all week, as if it were my own birthday! We started out the morning with a few starter presents, a Cinderella doll that flips between dirty and princess Cinderella, as well as some musical instruments. Abby loved both and wanted to take them to school, especially the instruments. She said she wanted to play some music for her friends. When we got out of the car at school, I had to distract her, with the ant hill I was standing next to, to get her to leave them. This was the first time I took her to school myself, she did great! She didn't look back, she headed straight for the toys! At school they had a mini-birthday for Abby with party hats and cupcakes. I know they had a great time and Miss.Terri took some pictures for me too. I am really enjoying this birthday so far and I am so glad there are several more celebrations and lots more cake and presents to come!

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Lindsay said...

Happy Happy Birthday Abby. Thats sweet that you wanted to play music for your friends! Roman has been talking about your party all week. He is very excited about the presents he got for you!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Happy Birthday Abby- it's my Arianna's birthday today too!
What a great day for a birthday and I hope you have a really fun day!

Dena said...

Happy Happy Birthday sweet girl- What a super cute class - and we can't wait to celebrate with you tomorry! We love you!!!

Jennisa said...

Happy birthday Abby! What fun it has been to see you grow up on this blog! I hope you have a wonderful birthday! Oh, and I love the tiara! EVERY gal needs one of those!

Jamie said...

Happy Birthday Abby! You look like a Princess with that pretty crown!