Thursday, September 6, 2007

Ode to Sarah

13 Reasons why we are gonna miss Miss. Sarah...

1. She has been here for four months, four days a week. She has become a part of the family, the girls' older sister.
2. She loves the Lord and I love that attitude being around my girls. They read Bible stories and sang songs....just what I would do if I were there.
3. She is helpful and generous with her time. She never minded running an errand or two or staying late if I didn't make it home from the store or bank on time.
4. She played hard with the girls. I was often jealous of their fun time while I was working...there was always lots of laughter and fun overheard in my office.
5. She is trustworthy, I never had to fear leaving.
6. She know the girls; what they eat, how they play what they watch and their schedules. No instructions required.
7. She kept them active. They played outside so much, walks and in the pool. They went to the park for picnics. They painted and did play dough. She is not lazy by far and didn't choose the easy way out.
8. Field trips; she went with us lots of places. The water park, beach, target and out to eat. She was the savior of my sister's wedding weekend. Every mom should have a helper like that.
9. She didn't make a mess. When she left, the house was in same or better condition. That was nice, super nice.
10. She got down and played with them. If Abby was wearing a cape and flying around the was Miss. Sarah. They built forts and played in the sand. A good time was had by all.
11. She is polite. She always returned my calls or email right away. She sent a thank you note after her birthday and she didn't answer her phone if she was here.
12. She stood up to Abby. She required please and thank you. She corrected Abby when it was needed and even put her in time out a time or two.
13. She loves my girls, and they love her. We are going to miss her so signature


Dena said...

Oh - I am SOOOO saad! I love Miss Sarah! She is going to be sooo missed! I know she is doing something awesome and the LORD has a GREAT girl in her but man are we going to miss having her around - she is a good rival for the Grannie Nannie and those girls DO love her!!!

Anonymous said...

Aw... this is the most precious thing I have ever seen!! Your gonna make me cry,haha! I love those girls too, they are so precious! They are blessed to have such a wonderful mother who loves them so much!! I will always be there Sissy Sarah!!

Megan said...

She sounds amazing and a rare find out there in babysitting world! I hope she is able to visit you guys lots!

Melissa said...

darn. I need to get me some Sarah (as you girls would say; 'me some' ;)
She will be back Leslie, i am sure ;)

Jeffcoat House said...

BIG FAT SIGH!!! I echo all of those. Ms. Sarah ROCKS and I know God will use her to do amazing things for Him in these next 9 months and beyond. WE LOVE YOU, Ms. Sarah!!!! You'll always have a spot.

Lindsay said...

I know you will miss her..she is a goodie! We are so excited for her next adventure!

Mari said...

Hi - I found your blog through a post you made on Terri and her talk. Your girls are adorable! Did Jennisa do your blog? She is working on mine even as we speak and when I opened yours, I thought - "this looks like a Jennisa design!" Then I saw her in your side bar. Very nice blog.

Buffie said...

My heart aches for you as I know how apart of your family Sarah has become. I also know that God has great plans for her as well. How awesome that you all were part of each other's journeys!!!! She leaves humongous shoes to fill!!!