Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things Abby might like to have...As requested!

1. Dress up stuff, she loves to play dress up.

2. Play dough

3. Bubble Mower

4. Little People Birthday

5. Umbrella

6. Baby Stroller

7. Bark Bark Vacuum

8. Dora Video....really anything Dora

9. Shopping Cart

10. Anything Disney Princess

11. Art Supplies/ Paint or Markers or Stickers

12. Toy "Pooter" Computer for her "desk"...I need my adding machine back!

13. Pop up Playhouse, Dora or Princess one?

If anyone has any fun suggestions for a 3 year old, let me know!

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The LaBouffs said...

That's a great 13! Noah has the bubble mower and LOVES it! Although, we can't put the bubbles in it because he learned VERY quickly how to take the bottle of bubbles out and he dumped it all over Grammy and Grandpa's floor!

Terri said...

If you like games - Shaelyn got a game when she turned 3. It was by Cranium called Caribou. It's kind of matching letters and sounds. Whoever finds the 5th ball puts it in and wins the treasure. She loved it and it wasn't your typical Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders type.

Lindsay said...

Thanks! I think I will work on the baby stroller.That sounds like fun!Roman talked about Abby the whole way home last night!

Dena said...

That's a GREAT list - I will have to take it with me when I go to da store!!!

I know I can't wait for all the fun on our TO DO LIST!!!!