Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Monday, October 29, 2007

We're Baaaaaack!

So, we're finally back to reality...a little tanner and actually tired. How do you come back from vacation more tired than when you left? And, when you do get home, there's tons of stuff to do! The cruise started off a little rough...we found our closet, or room as they might call it. So then we travel up 5 floors to the other girl's room. Yeah, see any differences? It turned out well, and Dena only snored a little. ;), she was a great roomie and even cleaned up after me! Hahaha. So next, we get back from dinner and there's a note for me. My luggage has been confiscated for contraband items and I have to report to the boarding room. Here's me in line, when I should be in my jammies. So I go in and they open my luggage and the items in question are the cokes I packed ( because they are 2.01 including the 18% autogratuity.) They look them over and because they are not opened I can keep them. The reason they were in question is because people were sneaking liquor in so they didn't have to pay $10 per drink. One person had a gallon sized Arizona tea jug filled to the brim. So if they take it you are fines $15 per container.

So I got my suitcase, but my cute rolly bag is MIA. It wasn't back at the room so we went to hang out. Soon, Sugar and Buffy arrive. They were hunting for Claire's luggage which had also been confiscated. During their search, they stumbled upon the Grace of God. The luggage tag was missing and they did not know who it belonged to...AND that is because the handle that the tag was attached to was broken off. So was one of the wheels. was so darn cute. A surcie from Dena.

Other crappy notes: Kane was not handling the no mommy situation well. It is so hard to have fun when the calls home are bad. The food was also not so good. The final night had the best food...go figure. Last but not least, we could not go to the beachy island as planned because of a medical emergency. So we trapsed around Nassau instead. I so wanted a luxurious beach instead of a dirty island...Dena loves a dirty island though. She was in heaven. It worked out ok and I did get to see some beach.
That seems like a lot of complaining...apparently, I am a vacation nazi and slightly high maintenance.

So, would I do it again? In a heartbeat...sunny skies with my best girlfriends are priceless. AND I got a lot of smocking done! ;) I will post the highlights tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wordless Wednessday

My punkins, at age 1.

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Punkin' Patch, Take Two

Today we tried the punkin' patch, again. It did go better than the first time...but it was not fabulous. Abby did not want to smile. At all. I think I just need to come to grips that they may not do what I want them to do in pictures for a while. It was 90 degrees, but in the shade not that bad. I am glad I got the pics. I think next time, I just need to have lower expectations and try to just have fun instead!

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Monday, October 22, 2007

A trip to the ba-zoo!

(checkin' out the boo-boo)

Today we went to the ba-zoo, as Abby calls it, with Dena, Sugar and their crews. We had a great time, although we got a late start because we thought it might rain. It's an hour and a half drive so we didn't want to get all the way their and be out of luck. We had a great time and the girls played hard and long. We didn't get in the car to go home until 4pm!!! They did take some short naps on the way home but for the most part were exhausted! We liked the penguins the most because they were swimming and playing and most of the other animals didn't. Maybe that's because it was 85 degrees out and kinda muggy. Reese loved looking and pointing at the animals too, which was great. I had thought she might sit in the stroller the whole time but she want to check it out too! It was a great day and it was so much fun to visit the Jeffcoats in their home town! Abby loved seeing her friends and I loved seeing her and Reese being so excited about all of the ba-zoo fun!

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Party Like a Rock Star

Me and hubs
da band
Buffy, Dena and Virginia
Birthday King
My Peeps
Tonight was Jonathan's 40th birthday party. His wife is in our playgroup and also a bloggie friend in our circle. It was some shendig! The food was so good, catered by their fave hangout here in town...the eclectic chef. Mmmmmmm, yum. They had a cool one man band that used lot's of crowd participation so there was lots of fun and lots of laughs! That is 'til the PO-lice came. Hehehe, I thought we had that past us in these later years but apparently some neighbors were trying to sleep! It was 11:20 though...I might have been sleeping too, or sewing. Anywho, it was a grand occasion and fun was had by all. Especially those in the band (Buffy and English...and Virginia!) As we were leaving, Dena said "you know the party's rockin' when the po-lice come-a knockin'!" I told her that was going to be the title of my post! She said I better not and that she would out me on that! Hehehe blog war, I guess she's going to have to get a computer at home if she wants to beat me to the post!

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Party pics!

Party at the Myers' Ranch

This morning we rounded up to celebrate Jahn's 3rd birthday! We had the best time, it was so festive and everything was perfect...including the pony rides! The girls had a lot of fun and so did I, their back yard is perfect for play. There is so much to do and it is fenced in so you don't have to worry about the kids getting away from you. It was so nice to go to a party that I didn't have to plan for a change! They had this cool mini roler coaster toy that Abby just loved. That's what she did most of the time...and Reeser just ate lots and lots of cake. She finished hers and then moved on to everyone else's leftovers. At one point she had two forks in front of Barnwell's plate! Lot's of fun was had by all! Happy Birthday Jahnz!!!

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Mom's Night Out! A Swappin' we will go!

Tonight was our monthly mom's night out. We went to Dena's house for pizza and a stuff swap. We each brought a few items that we don't use or have a need for and took turns choosing from the pile. I had the best time. We tried on clothes and bathing suits and ate yummy food. Buffy made a peppermint red velvet cake that was soooo good. I had the absolute best time. I sat around in wonder at how much I love my friends. God has really blessed me in that area this year. At one point, I laughed so hard I couldn't catch my breath AND I was crying. I haven't laughed like that in years! And did I mention the loot? I got a cool purse, some clothes and a Le Creuset grill pan. I racked up! I had the best time. We need to do that again next year. I may start my pile to bring now!

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

13 things I'm going to do on the cruise next week!

1. Lay in the sun, before kids I LOVED to do this.

2. Smock, while laying in the sun...or maybe while Dena is playing Bingo!

3. Eat good food, cruise food is always good.

4. Get a pedicure, I never have time to do this anymore

5. Workout, hopeful do spin classes. It is vacation, but how great would it be to just workout for fun and not have to work around the kids schedules? Last night I finished my workout at 10pm!

6. Lay on the beach and have a spectacular Quiet Time! God always speaks louder at the beach.

7. Take my time getting ready.

8. Get me ready before changing any diapers or making breakfast.

9. Talk continuously with my girlfriends.

10. Not do a single dish for 3 days. We leave Wed and come back Sunday morning, so I am sure I will have to do some on those days.

11. Be selfish with my time for a change.

12. Pretend it's not the last week of October. It was 90 degrees today! Crazy. It is going to be awesome weather.

13. Miss my family a bunch.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Daddy Mows

Today we took some lunch to daddy at work. This was a special occasion because Daddy doesn't do hard work too much anymore. But today he needed to do something quick and all the employees were busy with their usual schedule. Daddy is the boss and he mostly manages and delegates...and sometimes plays instead. We love this because we get to eat lunch with him on most days and sometimes his schedule is flexible and he helps me. Abby enjoyed seeing daddy drive the tractor, although the 'cheetos (mosquitoes) were so bad we had to stay in the car. He actually jumped in really quick to eat his lunch in the car with us. I took this picture with my new phone, not bad I think! I don't love it yet because I am not familiar with all of the do dads yet. But I think it's going to grow on me.

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

13 things the girls are doing right now

1. I got their portrait proofs yesterday. Here are two of the choices...there are about 15 per girl. How am I going to choose? I have 2 weeks to decide!
2. Reese took her first shower today, with me and Abby after spin class. She liked it a lot.
3. Abby is starting to grasp the concept of not feeling good. She says it often and always wants medicine for something.
4. Reese is starting to catch on to some baby signs. She can do hungry, all done, more and bye bye.
5. Reese still like phones a lot. She can open it, hold it to her ear and says "i"! fo hi.
6. Abby is doing so well at staying in her bed at night. She is a completely different child. We finally resorted to turning the lock around. She does not like the door locked. She stays in bed every night, and if she needs something she calls me. It is awesome. We just had to find something worth staying in bed for. All other methods failed miserably.
7. Abby wears a 2T and Reese wears an 18m. I think Reese is going to pass my skinny Abby and Abby may get the hand me downs someday.
8. Abby calls school, "teacher" for some reason. Last year she called it school but she will say, "I'm going at my teacher."
9. Both of the girls have skinned knees continuously. Our driveway is textured with rocks and the slightest tumble draws blood. I HATE it. I feel like we have to stay inside all the time. If that doesn't get them then the swarms of mosquitos do. Our play area is under a huge oak tree and the shade and all of the mulch seems to be their favorite swarming ground.
10. Reese is so hard to hold these days...not only is she heavy, but she fights you to go where she wants. And she is so strong, it is not fun trying to hold on to her.
11. Reese comes and takes me by the had and pulls me where she wants to go and points at what she wants. It's great that she communicates and kind of fun. BUT if she doesn't get what she wants she pitches a fit!
12. Abby recognizes the letter "A is for Abby." When ever she sees one on a sign or on the tv, she says "A is for Abby." I hope to get her to learn B next.
13. Abby has turned out not to be a morning person. She wants to watch tv with her chocolate milk and cereal bar in peace. She does not respond well when I try to dress her before she's ready. Like mommy, like daughter.
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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Happy Fall Y'all!!!

Today we met some friends in Mt. P for the pumpkin patch. Abby has been talking about going for weeks. We go every year and get some beautiful pictures. The colors are always so beautiful. Well, today when we got there...after a 40 minute drive, Abby wanted nothing to do with it. She wouldn't smile, wouldn't sit next to the pumpkins, didn't even want to pick any out. She just wanted to go home. That is so frustrating. I think it was just too WAS 91 degrees and they had long sleeves on. And I also realized that it was almost noon and Abby had not eaten breakfast. So she was totally grouchy. After we left, we met Kane out for lunch and she was fine. If Reese hadn't been soooo tired from missing her nap, I should have gone back. Hopefully, it will be cooler when we go with our playgroup later this month. And I'll be sure that she's had a snack!

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