Friday, October 19, 2007

Mom's Night Out! A Swappin' we will go!

Tonight was our monthly mom's night out. We went to Dena's house for pizza and a stuff swap. We each brought a few items that we don't use or have a need for and took turns choosing from the pile. I had the best time. We tried on clothes and bathing suits and ate yummy food. Buffy made a peppermint red velvet cake that was soooo good. I had the absolute best time. I sat around in wonder at how much I love my friends. God has really blessed me in that area this year. At one point, I laughed so hard I couldn't catch my breath AND I was crying. I haven't laughed like that in years! And did I mention the loot? I got a cool purse, some clothes and a Le Creuset grill pan. I racked up! I had the best time. We need to do that again next year. I may start my pile to bring now!

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Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Dena's house is so cute. I'm not sure but is that a bud light on the table- no wonder you girls were laughing so hard!!!!hee-hee
I did this with my friends once- we really have to do it again- too much fun!

Lindsay said...

fun idea! That cake sounds delicious. Glad you got a good laugh- it is good for the soul!

Dena said...

I LOVE my hoodie - I have it on RIGHT now!

HomeSchool Mommy said...

So, did you guys have any rules to the swap? We've done it/seen it done a few different ways, but I'm not sure how to make it a complete success.

We love them, though!

The Birds Nest said...

It sounds like you raked in!!! I hope to come to your next one!!!