Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things that I brought back from the cruise!
1. Fun pictures, I am so glad that I bought a new camera!
2. Pretty toes, I got a pedicure and it was really great. It was one of my favorite parts.
3. Clean workout clothes...there were no spin classes so I didn't bother doing anything else.
4. A tan! I hope it lasts a while, an tan in the winter will be great.
5. Surcies for Abby.
6. No cash whatsoever, I took $170! I came home with none.
7. Souvenir cups. My frozen drinks came in these and I thought they might be fun in Abby's play kitchen.
8. Smocking, I am almost ready to put 2 dresses together. Abby needs them so I am glad that I got so much work done!
9. Elemis Moisture Melt, I bought this in the spa to put on my feet. It was pricey but has transformed my feet. I also like that the smell reminds me of the spa in the cruise.
10. A big cell phone bill, I'm guessing. It worked but was on roam, which costs more. With talking, texting and emails...I'm not looking forward to this bill!
11. A bunch of laundry...I just took it out of the suitcase this morning. It went straight ti=o the washer.
12. Sand, it was everywhere. It is a really coarse sand, unlike our beaches here. It was really hard to get off. It was stuck in our hair and hard to get out of those hard to reach places.
13. 5 pounds...I know I said that the food wasn't good, but somehow I managed to gain 5 lbs!!! I will say that we made up for the lack of good food with the abundance of bread and every meal. And then there's the coke...not a usual splurge for me. I am going to have to wean off of it again. Oh well, it was worth it!

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Terri said...

Did you weigh in with the sand? That's probably where the 5 lbs. came from!

The Birds Nest said...

I love Elemis products!!! I got some on our honeymoon cruise in Hawaii, and the smell still reminds me of our couples massage. Aahh!! I need a vacation!!

The Birds Nest said...

Check out your posts all the way back to their portraits. I finally got caught up!!!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Love the gifts for Abby- so cute!
I do feel for you with the cell phone bill- I bet it isn't going to be fun to open that up!

Dena said...

ALL great things to have brought home! That means we had FUN FUN FUN! And we earned every pound!!!!

Mari said...

Great list of things to bring home, except the pounds but that's inevitable! I can't believe you got that much smocking done on a cruise!

Mari said...

Great list of things to bring home, except the pounds but that's inevitable! I can't believe you got that much smocking done on a cruise!

jenniedub said...

Looks like a lot of fun. I am jeal-ous! I went on a cruise lasy year and we ate wayyyyyyy tooooo much although I did not think the food was great either. I think when you are on vacation you are just supposed to eat all 3 meals and snacks and etc...!! :)

FabulousLee Fun Twin Tales said...

Love the color on your tootsies and your nice tan. Welcome back! We missed you!

William said...

Girl, anytime you want a great pedi, call me, we'll go together. Nothing better! You look great and we're glad you're home!

HomeSchool Mommy said...

How fun! I want a pedicure, too!

The LaBouffs said...

That's a fun list...minus the poundage! It's okay though, what's a vacation without gaining a few?!?

Lindsay said...

A tan and cute toes in the winter has got to feel good! Most of that weight is probably cruise bloat... It should be gone in a few days ;-)