Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things that frustrate me right now...

1. I am really tired all of the time, mostly because I keep staying up too late and some because of stress.
2. I am sooooo tired of eating out. Reese has been testing her new found vocal chords and it gets old and EXPENSIVE after awhile. It takes so much extra time to cook though: plan, shop, cook, clean. It's been taking a toll on my waistline too.
3. I have been overindulging in cokes again. It started on the cruise...that's what I get huh?!
4. I have been too busy to blog. I have managed to put my own posts in every now and then but have not had much time to look and comment at others. I have comment guilt.
5. The toys in my house are out of control. None of them are where they go or with all their parts. Its hard to organize them because Bible Study nursery is in my playroom and other caregivers don't put them back either...why bother.
6. I am so distracted that I am finding it hard to meet with God. I can't concentrate, even at our first Wednesday worship service last night which is my favorite service. I can't stop thinking about myself and what people are wearing etc. I drives me crazy. I may need a blindfold.
7. I started a new Bible study in the mornings, which I thought would be awesome with childcare. It is REALLY difficult to concentrate with all of the kid stuff and noise. I guess the playrooms not far enough away!
8. I saw ANOTHER toy recall this morning. When swallowed, it reacts like a date rape drug and induces a coma in children. REALLY?! I feel like I need to take all toys to the dump, but what would I do then? Satan is attacking our babies, our treasures with our own love of stuff. That sucks.
9. My brand new car has a dinged and dented bumper because someone else driving, ( I won't mention any names) backed into TWO different things last week.
10. Abby has had some potty accidents in the last week, including pooping in her pullup FOUR times. Really? I thought we were past that. I think it might have been behavioral....
11. Which leads me to the next one. I haven't spent enough time with Abby lately. Her behavior and mood are strongly influenced by the quality time I spend with her, This is so hard and makes everything else a little more stressful AND makes me feel guilty.
12. My 7 year old dog is no longer house trained. He goes at will and we have had to lock him up when we leave. Which also make me feel guilty because his life sucks as it is since the babies have come. I know he can do better but he is stubborn and chooses to do it his way. At least Abby can spot it now, she tells me when she finds it. I am afraid of the day when Reese finds it first!

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Melissa said...

Leslie! I feel really bad for you! I am going to show up for bible study and playgroup naked from now on. You can no longer look at my clothes or Amelia's clothes (Amelia is going to be naked also). Laugh yet?? Also, you should not feel guilty about anything. You are smart, talented, beautiful, (who wouldn't kill to have your eyes or hair) an awesome mother, and an awesome friend. You always give the best, best advice ever. Nowadays, I wonder what i would do without uncrustables! Thank you! I am at fault for the bible study crying child. I will try harder to ignore, I promise. Your car is a car, it can be fixed, don't let it bring you down. Bailey probably needs a smidge more attention. You are doing your best right now. Don't let him get you down. Abby loves you no matter what you do. You are her mommy and no one else could ever be the love of her life like you are. Sounds like you need another vacation ;) I hope I made you feel a little better! Love, melissa

Terri said...

Sorry you're feeling frustrated right now. Maybe you need to go shopping over at Dena's new store!?!
Sometimes life is just plain tiring when you have little kids. I also saw that new toy recall too and I'm sick of it all. Hopefully writing down some of your frustrations will be a bit of a help. I've been told this too shall pass. Hope it does for you.

HomeSchool Mommy said...

Okay...I laughed at Melissa's "naked" comment. How funny! At my old church, I caught myself being distracted SO many times!!! At my church now, though (my church for the last four years), they keep the lights VERY low (as in, we have ushers with flashlights to help late-comers find a seat). It's AWESOME. There is NOTHING but your thoughts to distract you from worship (I don't find my thoughts distracting me very often.)

Don't feel guilty, though. Guilt is not of God. This busy season will soon pass and you'll spend much more quality time with your girls. I'm sure the potty issues will resolve then, too.

I'm back on the soda-wagon, too....or is OFF the soda-wagon. Whatever. We need to get rid of that crap together!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

I'm ticked about that recall too- I just bought that for Arianna for her birthday- she's going to be so bummed! What on earth were they thinking putting that chemical on a childs toy!
I do think this frustration comes and goes- I've felt just like you and it's better now. I'm sure I'll have it again in the future though! Hugs to you!

Dena said...

Awww - sweetie! Sad ~ I wouldn't get too upset over the poop ~ Abby will work herself right back out of that - it's just a stinky phase! poor Bailey - dude I think he's just little and he has some bladder issues - you have a lot on your plate - it can get overwhelming and frustrating!
You are the BEST cruise director in the world! BIG KISSES!!!!!!

Deb said...

Nice Thursday post! I love Thursdays because Earl, the Office, Greys Anatomy, and ER are all on! That means no laundry after 7:30! I have posted my thursday blog come on over and visit!


Lindsay said...

It is always refreshing to read something that is so "real." I am sorry you are so frustrated.I was distracted at church too last night. You do have alot going on but now that you have listed your frustrations we have the power to break them.STOMP THEM OUT by the power that raised Christ from the dead and make solutions.I pray that as you overcome this frustration you will rest in our comforter who
"As one whom his mother comforts, so I shall comfort you and you shall
be comforted in Jerusalem (Isaiah)
I, even I am He who comforts you. (Isaiah 51:12)"

On the practical side of things I would suggest drinking a ton of water whcih will help coke cravings and tiredness. I also recently rediscovered my slow cooker- it has been a huge blessing. I throw some stuff in it in the am or nap and I don't have to think about dinner again!
oh- and I heard a year of therapy can help with comment guilt ;-)
love you!

Amy said...

Hey Les...I hope things get better. Will be thinking about you~

jenniedub said...

Hope you can relax a little this weekend. I know what you mean about stress!!!!! And well I am addicted to Diet Coke...sure that is probably worse that the regulars somehow.

April D said...

Answer to coke addiction - coke zero! Tastes like coke, not diet coke, zero calories. I'm addicted.

Found your blog through Amy! Nice to see you and your family!

Also, I didn't see an email address on our list of local Theta alumnae for you so send yours to and let me know if you want to come to our event on 11/15 at my house in North Charleston (so not too far from Summerville!!)

Hope to see you soon!

April DuPree

Buffie said...

Hey girl..I too am suffering from comment guilt. Not to worry, NO JUDGEMENT HERE!! You are run circles around most Moms..I am wondering how you are just now feeling tired!? I have always wondered how you do it. Remember, God never gives you more than you and HE cannot handle together. Weep for a night, for Joy is forever!!! Take a deep breath and refocus the best you can. I really relate..I felt like this the whole 4 months that Michael was gone. Get yourself back to the basics and build from there!! You are an AWESOME Mommy and friend..I am proud to know you!! Big Hug!!!

Jennisa said...

hugs and kisses to you! Someday, when I come out there, we'll have to go to a spa or something and have some Swedish lady named Olga get all the STRESS and TENSION out of us!!!