Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen FUN things going on right now!!!

1. Dena's new adventure...she's always in my top fun things!!!
2. Reese has been nodding yes, which is so much fun. I learned this when I asked her if she was stinky ( I already knew the answer!) and she nodded yes. I laughed out loud!
3. Abby is into princess everything...she insists on wearing her princess gear around the clock and is napping as Island Princess Barbie right now!
4. The CLC consignment sale is tomorrow at the girl's school. I took a bunch of stuff there today and it is so great to get rid of some clutter. I also find something fun there every year.
5. Mom's night out is Saturday night and we are going Christmas shopping. I have no clue what I need but will have fun going and eating Mexican with the girls!
6. Saturday morning is my spin endurance ride, it is a 2 hour class. I am a little nervous about this one. Hopefully I'll get a picture for you all BEFORE I get all sweaty!
7. The weather is still great here which is so nice. Yesterday it was 80 and today it is 70. I love the South.
8. I have been doing a fair amount of sewing, which is nice. I can't wait to finish something so I can show you!
9. Kane has decided, which some encouragement from his parents and Dena, that he should help out around the house. I think when I said it, it seemed like nagging but when at least 3 other people said he should help me it sunk in. He's starting slowly but his attitude has changed which is the best part.
10. Reese can now open doors, we have levers and she can reach them. I guess it's time to baby proof cause that piggie is ALWAYS in the pantry!
11. Tonight is date night!!!! I cannot wait to get out of the house!
12. Thanksgiving is next week...I can't wait for some dressing. I love it and will have to make it myself this year because my moms not cooking. The girls only have one day of school next am I supposed to get anything done? I guess teachers have to cook too!
13. TV, one constant pleasure right now. There is always something new to watch. If only I could watch without folding laundry or exercising at the same time...a mommy's work is NEVER done!

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Mari said...

Great list - Christmas shopping will be fun, I'm very impressed about the spinning class and Yeah for Kane!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Can I come- can I come????? I still need some stocking stuffers!

I want before and after pictures of the spinning class- very impressive by the way!

FabulousLee Fun Twin Tales said...

Love the list! I'll be your Thanksgiving dressing is delicious. Maybe I'll see you in the am at the sale?

Jennisa said...

Love your list! Hope you have a fun date night, and mommy's night out! I would LOVE to come to one of those and see you all party it up!

Lindsay said...

Great List! I love that about Reese nodding her head! AND wow about the spin class...two hours!? You will have earned that thanksgiving dressing and then some ;-)

The Birds Nest said...

Aahh! Life is good!! Have fun with spin for 2 hours- better you than me:)

Merrie said...

What fun things! Your girls are precious ... getting rid of stuff - you are brave and I'm envious! Spin class - WOW!
Happy Thanksgiving!

William said...

I am proud of you and the 2 HR class, that's impressive! I can't wait for Turkey Day either. I am IN LOVE with holidays;)See you tomorrow night at MNO!

Dena said...

I am sooo proud of the SPIN - I couldn't make it through 30 minutes! When you put it all on a list no wonder we are always so crazy! There IS always something going on!!! SOOOOO FUN!!!