Sunday, December 30, 2007

Day 4

The final day was not bad, although I was tired. Dena spent the night Friday and we had dinner at Atlanta Bread and stayed up late watching movies. Actually, I stayed up every night while Kane was gone. So on Saturday the girlies and I went to the post office, the pet store and hit the McDonalds on the way home. We ate and took a long nap. Dena came over again and we got pizza and watched a movie. It was great, I couldn't go to sleep by myself, so I ended up staying up until 2am. Kane got home at 3. I am glad it's over, but he did end up having a great time. I am glad. We were bothe so tired, we slept most of the day. Hope you had a restful weekend too!

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Friday, December 28, 2007

Day 3

Yesterday was salvaged by my girls' date night...just because Kane's not home why should I sit home? So Meredith, Dena and I went to dinner at Oscar's and then Kane's mom met us at the movies to see 27 Dresses, with Katherine Heigel. I had a great time and the movie was fabulous! So funny, it was actually a sneak preview and doesn't officially start until next month.
Today has been kinda blah and sucky, but it could definately be worse. I did forget to email my Bible study that we were not meeting this week and two people showed up, kids in tow. It turned out well, though, the kids just played and we chatted. The I ran errands and ate at Chick fil a, always a bonus. As for naptime, I heard Abby playing and found her in her room dressed like this. It is her 1yr. old bunny costume. On the plus side, she has FINALLY started to smile when I take a picture. That is the greatest thing ever! It was so funny that I just let her stay up. She is watching my new office/workout tv while I "work." I am currently taking a break.
Hopefully tonight Dena can stay over because all of my in-laws are out of town. That is always fun! I hope Kane strats to have some fun too, he has been IM-ing me and it is not going to well. I really pray he has some success and some fun...he sure needs some!
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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Day 2, without Kane

Today is my second day without Kane. He went on a hunting trip early yesterday morning. He went all the way to Arkansas, 13 hours away. Yesterday was ok, we played with toys all day and I tried to put some of them away. Granny and Grandaddy came ove to visit in the evening which was fun for a change and Kane's sister spent the night because I don't stay by myself. Ever. The few times I have tried it I ended up staying up all night with the lights on, pitiful I know. I can't do that now that we have kids so I had a house guest instead. Meredith and I stayed up watching girlie movies which was fun.

Today, Dena and Annie came over to try out the new toys. The girls had a blast, Dena included, on the roller coaster and other toys. They had some art time at the girls new table set (from Mimi) and we went outside to try out the jeep. Abby didn't want to drive, which was so irritating because everyone wanted to ride. So, it ended up with Annie in the driver seat with Reese in her lap. Abby sat beside them. Everynow and then Abby would press the pedal but not consistently. There was lots of toddler whiplash. Dena had to steer from the side lines. Had we been able to get in and drive them ourselves, we would have. Guess I should have bought a golf cart instead!

So overall, I just feel crappy. I can't tell if it's because Kane isn't here or if I'm just tired from Christmas and malnutrition (excess of sugar, coke and cheese.) But I am tired and depressed sort of. I don't want to do anything and I have a mountain of work. Yesterday I took a 2 hour nap which is totally not the usual. I have 3 or 4 more days til Kane returns...I guess we'll see how it goes!

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Christmas Goodies

This was the most fun Christmas yet! Abby got so excited about everything and so did I. Kane and I actually got up earlier than the girls on Christmas morning and got ready and they were still sleeping. Finally we woke them up at 9am. Why can't Abby sleep like that when there's nothing to do! She had an accident in the middle of the night, I think because the door was locked to protect the presents OOPS!, and maybe that's why she slept late.

The best presents Chirstmas day I think were the roller coaster and the zebra. They rode those things all day. Actually Abby injured herself because she rode the zebra to much, and too hard. That girls love to jump and bounce. The Barbie Jeep was not as big of a hit as I had hoped, we might could have done without that another year. Reese likes to climb in it but only Abby can drive it and most of the time she refuses. I think she likes to be driven. Don't we all!

We had a great day, ate too much a played so much. It was great. We visited with annie and Miss Dena for some more presents and Abby insisted on wearing her wedding dress to show Annie. Lastly we had dinner at Mimi's house for even more presents...and more food. I was seriously sick by bedtime. It was a lot of food!

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Fun

We went to a super fun Christmas party last night with the kids! Abby is really getting less afraid of Sants but Reese was the only kid who would not go near him! Abby had the most fun visiting with Copper the horse and playing in the hay.

We went to church this morning for the kids service because Abby was supposed to "sing" with the 3 year olds. When we were there we discovered our Miss Sarah singing! We had never heard her before and she was was so, so much fun. What a Christmas blessing.

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry CHRISTmas, from my house to yours

One of my faves, a church.
The center one is for Jesus.
One of my Santas
Our ginormous tree, It's at least 9ft and has more than 2000 lights on it. I like a lot of lights, wound around every branch...Kane not so much!
My Christmas Cards, 29 of them so far and I feel like I might get more. It is so fun to hang them up, I got this addiction from Dena...among other things! ;)
One of my fave ornaments
The pretty ones here Dena wrapped for Kane. I am so glad they don't have the funny pages on them. That is what I am used to.
My Nativity scene, I got this for my birthday 4 years ago. That's the thing about a December birthday, I often get decorations and ornaments.

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas lights

Tonight we went with some friends, Hickey and Sally, to the Festival of Light s at the county park. It is $10 per car and you drive through a big circle of thousands of lights. Most of them are in the shape of things which is so fun for Abby to see Santas, Reindeer, Mermaids and Instuments all in lights. There is also a Santa Village with food, bon fires, and fun activities. Abby wanted to ride the train but when we got there it was more than an hour wait. She was bummed but a ride on the carosel made things all better! We had a great time and I think I want to try to go again before they close it after the holiday.

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday 13

Christmas Favorites

1. Christmas song: Santa Clause is Comin' to town
2. Cookie: Butter Pecan cookies yum
3. Movie: Santa Clause and Santa Clause 2
4. Food: Dressing, for any holiday this is so good
5. Memory: telling our families that we were pregnant again on Christmas morning
6. Lights: colored, not white
7. Drink: Coke, it's good for everything!
8. Gift: always jewelry from my parents. I have gotten some every year except last year it's always my favorite.
9. Card: This year's, After 3 years of practice with Abby, I got a good one finally.
10. Wrapping: paper, not bags. I love to wrap gifts. My father taught me how which is a fun memory. In retail growing up Christmas was the season to wrap with paper and real bows...never stick on ones!
11. Ornaments: blown glass Christopher Radko ones. My mom used to sell them and I have quite a few. They are gorgeous...and now at the top half of the tree where they are out of reach.
12. Decorations: My Caroler Santas, my mom used to sell them too. I have 5 and a few Mrs. Clauses too.
13. Tradition: Growing up it was Christmas Eve. We had lot's yummy heavy h'ors deurves, fancy ones because my mom is a great cook. Always beef tenderloin and these spicy cheese toasts that I call freds. Then we would open 1 present, always pj's. Lastly, we would read the Night before Christmas. I hope to make some memories like this with my girls too!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Cookie time

Last night was our playgroup Cookie exchange at my house. It was so good and sooooo yummy that I forgot to take pictures until most everyone had gone! Only the Cruise Crew was there still. I have sooo many cookies now and I only had to make one kind.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

A visit with Santa (aka Hoho)

The Good
The Bad

and The Ugly!
I actually was surprised at how well this went, after waiting an hour in line! This is at Town Square on Saturdays and is free if you take your own picture. So EVERYONE is there. We were there 20 minutes early and still had to wait an hour, it started at noon...lunchtime! Abby usually doesn't take to kindly to strangers and is even worse when it comes to dressed up characters. So I was pleasantly surprised when she hopped onto Hoho's lap and told him what she wanted for Christmas! It is, coincidentally a Mermaid. I think Hoho may have to go last minute shopping for a Little Mermaid instead of the Twirl and sing Dora Mermaid, which is already packed in his sack! Maybe they should do the Santa thing in November!

The never ending birthday week!

It has been such a busy week! I was in withdrawl with so many fun things and no time to blog!!! My birthday night I went to dinner with Kane and Dena to my favorite restaurant for dinner. It was fun and yummy and I was thankful for someone to talk to because Kane was on his Blackberry a lot! Then I forced Dena ;) to go to the movies with me to see Enchanted, which I loved. THEN I dragged her into Target super late to do some toy shopping and ipod accessory shopping. She was such a good sport and I think it was truly a perfect birthday! Wednesday some of the girls and I went downtown for lunch and shopping. What a long day...I can honestly say that I did not buy a single Christmas present but came home with an arm load of bags! I don't buy for myself very often, but some reason that day I hit the motherload!!! It was so great. Thursday was datenight. I was so excited because I had a new great wrap dress (Thanks Dena!!!) and the weather was spectacular. I wanted to go to waterfront park! Well, on the way, I was fiddleing with my ipod and failed to notice that we pulled into Dena's. (Enter confusion here) So Kane goes in and she comes out to explain the debacle that was my surprise birthday celebration! Apparently Kane failed to let her know that date night starts at 5:30 and everyone was supposed to be there at 6:30. Great. The greatest surprise was that it was my Cruise Crew!!! Are you kidding?! Even Sugar finagled all her boys for a road trip down!!! So after I got over the change in plans ( I am a stickler for plans and do not really like surprises, ) I had so, so so much fun! A night of Kane and the girls?! So awesome. We went to Oscars (again) and were actually able to manage some last minute, late reservations with my favorite waiter!!! All in all, I was so glad I got to see them and so thankful that they fit that in in their busy schedules! It was such a busy week for all of us. On Friday, after Bible study and Abby's school, I took Abby to her friend Julia's birthday party. It was at an indoor kiddie gym called Pollie Pollies. It was AWESOME!!! We had the best time! I definately want to go back there! While I was there, I saw some bloggie friends! Amy and Lindsay. That was so much fun to catch up and see them. I even managed to get a group picture before the camera died....guess there was too much fun this week!!!

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The perfect gift

So what's the perfect gift for me? My ver own honorary bloggie post! See it here. My friend Sugar doesn't post as often as I would like ;) but today I was pleasantly surprised when she not only posted...but posted Happy Birthday to me! Thanks Sugar booger. I love you!

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they say it's my birthday!

I love a birthday! I have always enjoyed mine because it is during the holidays and so festive. It's wierd this year with the heat though. I got a sweater from my sister and can't even wear it! It's 84 degrees today. We went to my mom's last night and had dinner and cheese cake...and presents. Did I mention the presents? My family knows how to give a good present! I got a handbag, a sweater and an ipod nano from Kane. Abby was happy to help me open them! Today I took the girls to the pet store for fun and then we met Kane's sister Meredith at California Dreaming for lunch...yum! There is more fun to be had, so I will update more later! And no, I don't feel any older. 30 feels just like 29!

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