Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Goodies

This was the most fun Christmas yet! Abby got so excited about everything and so did I. Kane and I actually got up earlier than the girls on Christmas morning and got ready and they were still sleeping. Finally we woke them up at 9am. Why can't Abby sleep like that when there's nothing to do! She had an accident in the middle of the night, I think because the door was locked to protect the presents OOPS!, and maybe that's why she slept late.

The best presents Chirstmas day I think were the roller coaster and the zebra. They rode those things all day. Actually Abby injured herself because she rode the zebra to much, and too hard. That girls love to jump and bounce. The Barbie Jeep was not as big of a hit as I had hoped, we might could have done without that another year. Reese likes to climb in it but only Abby can drive it and most of the time she refuses. I think she likes to be driven. Don't we all!

We had a great day, ate too much a played so much. It was great. We visited with annie and Miss Dena for some more presents and Abby insisted on wearing her wedding dress to show Annie. Lastly we had dinner at Mimi's house for even more presents...and more food. I was seriously sick by bedtime. It was a lot of food!

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Mari said...

I love that roller coaster! The kids look like they are having so much fun. There is nothing like Christmas with kids!

Dena said...

What great fun CHRISTmas goodies - Now the girls (all 3 of them) will have LOTS to play with!

William said...

I LOVE the roller coster! Where will you keep it? William will want to come over to Abby's even more now;) Its so fun seeing them delight in everything, isn't it?

Jennisa said...

We have that roller coaster, AND, Livvie got that zebra thingy too! How fun! Guess we have the same taste!!!

Looks like you guys had LOTS of fun! I LOVE all the girlie things!!!

Lindsay said...

thats fun! Those rollercoaster things are super cute. I see Dena enjoyed it also! I guess you decided to go with the less "pimped" out car for the girls! ;-)
I am sure they will grow into it and appreciate it with time!

HomeSchool Mommy said...

That roller coaster is the coolest!!! I didn't know such a thing existed!