Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday 13

Christmas Favorites

1. Christmas song: Santa Clause is Comin' to town
2. Cookie: Butter Pecan cookies yum
3. Movie: Santa Clause and Santa Clause 2
4. Food: Dressing, for any holiday this is so good
5. Memory: telling our families that we were pregnant again on Christmas morning
6. Lights: colored, not white
7. Drink: Coke, it's good for everything!
8. Gift: always jewelry from my parents. I have gotten some every year except last year it's always my favorite.
9. Card: This year's, After 3 years of practice with Abby, I got a good one finally.
10. Wrapping: paper, not bags. I love to wrap gifts. My father taught me how which is a fun memory. In retail growing up Christmas was the season to wrap with paper and real bows...never stick on ones!
11. Ornaments: blown glass Christopher Radko ones. My mom used to sell them and I have quite a few. They are gorgeous...and now at the top half of the tree where they are out of reach.
12. Decorations: My Caroler Santas, my mom used to sell them too. I have 5 and a few Mrs. Clauses too.
13. Tradition: Growing up it was Christmas Eve. We had lot's yummy heavy h'ors deurves, fancy ones because my mom is a great cook. Always beef tenderloin and these spicy cheese toasts that I call freds. Then we would open 1 present, always pj's. Lastly, we would read the Night before Christmas. I hope to make some memories like this with my girls too!


Mari said...

I can tell you that you are making memories for your girls. They have a great Mom! (and Dad)

William said...

If I didn't know better, I'd think I was reading my own blog. I collect Radkos and love stuffing too. We eat Christmas Eve dinner and I always wrap with boxes and paper, not bags. Must be why we are such great friends:)

Jennisa said...

great list, Leslie! Christmas is just such a fun and joyful time! I wish people were this nice all year long.....

Jeffcoat House said...

Great list. Sadly, I am a bag lady and a stick on bow girl. But the good news is, you still love me. :)

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Yum- beef tenderloin! Can we come to your house for Christmas next year??

Terri said...

You've got a great list there. It's fun seeing what things everyone does for the holiday!

HomeSchool Mommy said...

Awesome list. I am SO glad there is someone out there who also loves to wrap pretty..with real bows. I RARELY use a bag and NEVER use a "fake" bow. I like HUGE, wire ribbon...even on tiny presents...sometimes the bow is as big as the box.

jenniedub said...

Oh I so remember your favorite gift was always jewelry. I was always so jealous of your cute stuff! Have a great Christmas!

Dena said...

So FUN! Coke is always your favorite!!! I love your carolers too - they are great and what's a gift in a bag (although a couple of mine are this year - lazy)

The LaBouffs said...

That's a GREAT list! It was fun reading all your favorites and thinking of how we are alike! I LOVE to wrap gifts, too! My family gets really competitive and crazy on who can wrap the most creatively! It's a lot of fun!