Friday, March 7, 2008

From the lips of Children

Reese is talking sooo much more than Abby ever did(...we may be in trouble there!) so I thought I would list a few...

Mama, Dada, Bailey and Abby. Bailey sounds like baby and Abby sounds like Abba
Sucker, cookie and cracker all sounds alike
Nana, for banana
Poo poo, this means she wants a new diaper, could be just that she tee teed and wants you to know!
Dora, backpack and map
No and Uh-uh
Bubba, this is what she calls her pillow or hippo which are her lovies
Thank you
All done
She has a sign for please

I think that Abby was slower to talk because she knew a lot of signs, like 30. With the second child who has time!!!

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Mari said...

She has to say a lot to compete with Reese. Just think how noisy it's going to be over there in a few years!

Terri said...

Yup - lots of competition. How great that you can keep a record of all those words on a blog!

Kim said...

That a girl Reese! Keep that chatterin' up!
Landen didn't really start talking A LOT until these past 6 months, and he turned two on Thanksgiving... Hi big thing is to come in the bedroom in the morning and get right up in your face and say "Wake up mommy/daddy" in the voice of a pirate and it scares the crap right outta ya!

Cheri said...

Just imagine in about 15 years and they're all together- oh the talking that is going to be happening!

Jeffcoat House said...

I'm diggin' the "Bubba."