Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Two-fer Tuesday

Abby: 1) She has been sleeping great for naptime and bed time for a few weeks! We are on a good run right now. Since the time change she has been sleeping til 9! It's great on some days, but has made it hard to get to school on time. She is super cranky if you wake her up when she's not ready.
2.) She has been trying new foods lately and eating more. Just this week she ate chicken tetrizini and taco pie. I did have to feed them to her, but it's a start!

Reese: 1.) Has really been beating up on Abby lately! Pushing and a little hitting. It is really funny to me because Abby never did either...but no one was taking her stuff either!
2.) Really loves baby dolls right now, that is really cute. Abby never liked them that much, except taking their clothes off!

Mommy: 1.) My diet and excercize routine has been pretty non-existant! I really need to jump back on the wagon, but it's just so hard.
2.) I just finished the girl's Easter dresses, finally! Now I need another project. I have too many to choose from though. I have many I never started last Spring and Fall too. I have really high hope but not that much spare time.
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Cheri said...

Glad nap time is going well. That is such precious time!
Hey Halle is a size 6x if you really need another project-smiles!

Megan said...

I totally understand the neverending project list thing. And I planned two new projects to start this week. AH! What was I thinking?

Mari said...

Glad you got those dresses done - just in time!

Darby Stickler said...

Thanks for your post! I've been reading Dena's for a while so I feel like I know you and your girls already... now I've added you to my google reader! :)

Lindsay said...

Thats fun that Abby is trying new foods and so funny about Reese asserting herself!I can't beleive Easter is this weekend!

Buffie said...

Hmmm, lots going on! I don't see how you do all that you do and I am in total awe. You put us all to shame!