Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thirteen things I LOVE about the Pink Crocodile

1. Dena is there! She is always fun to visit and shop with. Sometimes she helps me wrangle the girls too!

2. Kay, she is the super employee that everyone needs! She does it all and helps keep Dena sane among the chaos.

3. Going to market, hand pick my own clothes and spend the whole weekend shopping and eating with Dena. We had such a good time in January, we didn't even turn the radio on for the whole 5 hour trip.

4. It is so cute, my favorite stuff. I RARELY, to Kane's dismay, leave there empty handed.

5. It is in town square, which is so much closer than her old store.

6. It is in the same store as my mom's store growing up so it is very sentimental to visit.

7. There is stuff for me too, there are still remnants of BIO's cute giftyness. So if I need something, I'm already there.

8. The best invitations around, So cute I always want to have a part. Dena is the best at invites, I usually let her word them and pick the fonts too. She is awesome at that.

9. I can reserve the stuff I want and Kay will call me when it comes in and set aside my sizes! I never miss out.

10. She has birthday gifts of all kinds, and they are ca-ute! I don't have to brave target or wal-mart!

11. Because Dena owns the store, Annie has the best of the best. Can you say hand-me-down!!! Amen.

12. Dena loves it, I really appreciate how much joy and creativity goes into her job. I love that it makes her happy...invitations and kids clothes!!! What!

13. Friends and family night!!! Spinach dip, cookies, coke and wine....and did I mention the discount! We had so much fun, it was a mini girls night out! And shopping without the girls is the bomb. I cane home with two big bags of stuff! Including, 6 pairs of shoes so Dena will stop complaining about the girl's shoes and panty covers for Reese, so Claire will stop makin' fun of Reese's diapers sans cover! I racked up!!!
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Dena said...

As if I didn't already have THE BEST friends evah...dude that rocks and all reasons the PINK CROC is da bomb! Really? What's better than spending your days surrounded by pinkness and friends
And we is a cute bunch if I do say sooo!
And can I get an AMEN cause brown/pink polky dottie shoes DON'T go with everything!

jenniedub said...

Okay I am so going to have to come for a visit to this great place! And when I have kiddies especially!.....

Jenny said...

I wanna visit!!!!! That place looks too cute!

Mari said...

All great reasons! I didn't know your Mom had a store in that building before - that really is cool!

Jennisa said...

i have a feeling I'd love it, too!

Shopping and a party together! you're speaking my language!

The LaBouffs said...

Awww. I wish that Dena owned the store when I lived there! I would have definitely spent some time in there :)

Terri said...

That sure must be a rockin' store! And those hand-me-downs; they're the best. Too much fun...

Cheri said...

I so wish we lived closer or that she was on-line. Her stuff looks so cute!

Buffie said...

The pink crock is the best...I love that there is ALWAYS something new everytime I go in..stay away and you miss toooo much!