Monday, June 30, 2008

summer fun

(The picture uploader is down...sorry)

I have been playing with the girls lots, I just love it. Last week I cleaned out over half of our toys and gave them away! It feels so good to get rid of some of the clutter. I di get a few new ones! ;) They have been playing more, so I don't know if they can find them better or they are just interesting because they are organized.

I have been working out a lot, I am really enjoying it. I do spin, pilates, cardio and abs on alternating days and it has been great. We go every morning and the girls play and we are gone by 11:30 to do whatever the rest of our day holds.

I tried a new babysitter last week for date night, Molly. She did great and it is always nice to have a back up to the family.

I saw two movies this weekend...Get Smart which was very fun, a great datenight movie. We also saw Wanted, which was very violent (R) but it was fun and I always enjoy an Angelina action movie!

I hope to blog more...I have just been soooooo busy! Sorry if I haven't visited in a while, I hope to soon.

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Mari said...

It sounds like you have been really productive and having fun too! I want to see Get Smart. I love Steve Carell.

Terri said...

I thought Get Smart looked funny. Steve Carell is hilarious.

Summertime is busy - it's so full of the unscheduled stuff.

Lindsay said...

So proud of you for the workouts! That is awesome! We saw the happening on date night- crazy!Lets swim next week?