Friday, July 18, 2008

Bailey's Got a Brand New 'Do!

So, even though he craps on the floor...a LOT, Bailey has always been pretty cute!

Unless he is dirty and needs to be brushed. I always forget to make his groomer appointment which is every two weeks. He was so pampered before the girls. Now he is always dirty and knotty. So I had his hair did!

Ta-Da! It's kind of fun! I might have them cut his tail next time too, though. I'm not sure why they left it!

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Dena said...

Bailey - you so cute and smelly
you crap on da couch and make me
laugh in my belly!

You sho is CUTE!
And you bit can which is FUNNY!

Mari said...

So cute! My sister-in-law has a Yorkie too and he is also adorable!

FabulousLee Fun Twin Tales said...

Bailey looks like a LION now! hehehe

Terri said...

Those Yorkies are so adorable!

jenniedub said...

Awww. yours looks better than my Harley when he was groomed. All cut he looks like a little rat! :) And a little poop never hurt no one.....ha!

Megan said...

He doesn't look to happy about it. Did his ego suffer? :) I like it!

Lindsay said...

I bet he is so glad about his new do for the HOT Charleston summers!

The LaBouffs said...

Yorkies are so cute but if you don't keep up with the grooming, you have to go drastic and shave them! My mom keeps her Yorkie cut short all the time...the puppy cut. It makes it so much cooler for them..and now maybe he'll be able to see he's on your couch instead of outside and won't poop on it ;)

fabulous four said...

Hey Leslie!
I've come to post :) And tell you that your little doggy is CUTE! ha ha.