Friday, July 25, 2008

Film Review Friday

We went to see the Dark Knight last night, it's the new batman movie. First of all, it is not a family movie...please don't take your little ones to see this! I had to look away from several parts and I am a seasoned action film viewer. Secondly, I really liked it! Heath Ledger was great as I expected as were the rest of the cast. I do recommend this film if you like an action flick, but is long and the body count is high. (FYI, last week we saw Hellboy II. I enjoyed it because I liked the first one and I LOVE Selma Blair. There are plenty of freaky monsters in this one though. There will definately be a 3rd one too, in case you're wondering!)

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Mari said...

I heard the Black Knight was really good, but intense. I'm not really into Batman but my hubby likes those movies so I'll probably see it.

fabulous four said...

Leslie ... it appears you and Kane see as many movies as Scott and I!! We might have to get together on all this one day :) I saw Batman - HAD to go opening night... Same thoughts as you have. Scott wants to see HellBoy - I said he may have to go solo to that one - so you'll have to let me know what you thought in more depth! I didn't see the first one, although we do own. See you tomorrow!!

Jennisa said...

Hey dear! My hubby LOVED LOVED LOVED the Dark Knight. Poor thing went by was too "dark" for me!