Thursday, July 31, 2008

Reeser and the Ants

We recently went to the allergist to research the severity of Reese's allergy to fire ants after our emergency room visit. She is actually allergic, so they say. There is a treatment to lessen her reactions in the future. It is quite expensive and would involve weekly injections for six months and then monthly for possibly years after that. We haven't decided yet but tonight she got bit by a few at a friend's house and didn't have a severe reaction. Last time it was more than 30 and even though it was over a month ago many of the bites are still there. So even though it wasn't many, the reaction was promising. We are still deciding on the treatment but I feel like I can breath a little easier.


Mari said...

Poor Reese. I'm so glad the reaction wasn't bad this time.

Lindsay said...

yeah, thats so good you got it figured out a little- that was scary!