Sunday, August 24, 2008


Reese has not been staying in her bed this week for naptime and she gets up soooo early (7am!) Hahahah, that IS early for us. So all of us, especially Reese, have been uber tired. I had Kane take one side off her crib today to make a toddler bed. I never did that for Abby but I feel like she's more likely to get back in the bed if her door is locked. Hopefully that will make naptime as usual and she will be back to her happy self in no time. She saw it and was kind of excited, she said "Apart!" For the first time all week she wasn't crying when I closed the door. So I'm hopeful.
On a separate note, I am sooooo sorry I have been slack in the comment department! I am so busy lately and have been spring cleaning and such. When school starts (ONE WEEEEEEK!!!!!) I hope to get back to my usual social self.

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Mari said...

Looks like a good idea - hope it works!

Cheri said...

She looks so cute in her big bed!
The birthday cake is adorable too.

PS- it took every once of will power to let the girls pudding paint. I can't stand messy things so that was a real stretch for me. I think it's gross too!

The LaBouffs said...

She looks so proud to be in a 'big girl bed'!

Lindsay said...

thats a sweet pic!

Terri said...

I sure do hope the bed thing works for you - the sleep thing is so hard.
I understand about the comment thing too - it's just hard to keep up in the summer!