Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sleepy Girls

Granny kept them up late and boy are they tired. Abby has been laying down most of the day.
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Terri said...

Oh, the luxury of being able to sleep whenever and wherever you want!

Megan said...

It helps to put your email in the comment!

Megan said...

Ok, I had written another comment before the last one and for some reason it didn't stick. Hmmm, okay here's what I said again...
couldn't pack in time to get down there
tried to find the smocking book, 55 dollars on amazon and only used, i'm going to try ebay
can't believe she fell asleep on the hardwood, too stinkin cute! the pantry lock cracked me up!
i saw a store called sew n sew near by and wondered if they were a chain or coincidence? isn't that where shane got my machine in sumemrvile?
that's the abbreviated version

The LaBouffs said...

Hilarious! I'm like that (when I'm not pregnant)....I can sleep anywhere as long as I'm sleepy enough!

The Birds Nest said...

Dude- talk about passing out!!!