Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Weekend Fun with the Fam

This weekend my Granny June and Aunt Crystal came for a visit! We spent the whole weekend by the pool and it was so great to have an excuse to do that! We had a great time, ate some great food and wore ourselves out! I am still tired! The girls are doing really great in the pool They can swim around on their own in life jackets and I just watch and cheer as they do their thing. Crystal stayed in the pool a good bit with Abby so I got to do lots of smocking! It was also great to see Aunt Ashley and Bret, the girls thought that was just great!

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The LaBouffs said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I can't wait for my kids to be able to swim in my mom's pool by themselves so I can just lay out by the side and watch and actually relax!

julie said...

Fun, Fun!! I'm so impressed with your smocking abilities! Good for you! :) See you soon.

Megan said...

Pool time is the best summertime activity. Especially when it means the kids have long naps afterward!

How about some "in progess" smocking pictures? I would love to see it done by a pro!

Dena said...

Thats sooo fun!!! I am sad I had to WORK!! I love a pool party at MiMi's!