Saturday, February 28, 2009

Coming Soon...

Here's one of my current projects, I hope to assemble it tonight.
Leslie Wright

Friday, February 27, 2009

From the lips

Me: we need to go inside to get ready to go to Ms Susies house
Abby: for weal! (Gasp) Can I play with William's swords?!
Me: Why are you blinking?
Abby: Because when you weawy (really) want something you blink!

She already knows how to work those lashes! Too funny.
Leslie Wright

Thursday, February 26, 2009

From the Lips of Children

Last night Abby looked up at the sky and said "I wish, I wish, I wish (aka I wish I may I wish I might) I would be a princess and I would be big and I wish I would make flowers."

Today she said "Mommy I want Sam to come to my house because I love him. ( This is a boy in her class)" I said not today Abby. She said "But mommy I love him ( I wonder how many times I will hear that in the future!) yesterday I gave him a hug and a kiss and he liked it. He said he doesn't like it when his bwover (brother) kisses him, but he likes my kisses!" ...I'm sure he does!

Reeser the pirate's new fave phrase? "Mommy, I want somepin me want." She says this when she's not sure what she wants or wants to do, she just wants a change.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My NEW blackberry came in today!!! Mine hasn't been working since Thursday. Sadly, I was lost without it! The old one was 18 months old before it keeled over, and there are some fun things that the new one does. I am so excited about the wi-fi, video and gps. It does lots of other cool things that I'm sure I will never even know about! I have spent all evening trying to transfer all my files and I've almost got it. The last thing is I can't recieve emails, but I can send them. These things are never easy, I'm sure I'll get it sooner or least I hope so!

***I finally got the emails! And I discovered that I can watch youtube and other videos on it! That's kind of fun...

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sand Pail Halter and Capris

Here's the project of the week! I used pattern "smocked halter and capri pant" from Sew Beautiful Magazine #107, 2006 and the sandpail smocking plate was in that same issue. I have had this fabric finders fabric in my stash for two years and never did anything with it. It's a little loud but the girls put it on right away and are still wearing them despite the chilly temp today, so I guess it's a hit!

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Annie-belle!

Today was Annie-belle's 5th birthday! We went to the cutest princess tea in the world to celebrate! There was dress up, jewelry, make up crowns and wands. A beautiful (and delicious) tea party was set up with all of the trimmings. And best of all, Cinderella herself came for a visit!!! She taught us how to princess wave, curtsy, twirl and then she crowned and corronated all of the girls as official princesses! The girls had the absolute best time! Reese put on every piece of jewelry that was not already being worn (she looked like Mrs. T!) Everyone had a picture taken with Cinderella and they learned to drink tea (aka pink lemonade) from beautiful china tea cups. How could there be a better way to spend an afternoon!

PS, we are REALLY going to have to go to Disney in the near future!!!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

P is for Pajammas and Pancakes

Last Friday, Abbys precious preschool class had pajamma and pancake day to conclude their "letter p week." It was very fun to get her ready and she looked forward to it all week. One of the room moms came and read them a story, Sleeping Beauty, and they had pancakes for snacktime. Abby had a great time and has been asking for pancakes ever since then! Fun days at preschool!

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Family Day

Today we took the girls to the aquarium. We got chick-fil-a on the way and had a great time. The girls favorites were the sharks, jelly fish and otters. It was a nice change from staying indoors all day, lately I have been an extreme homebody. To top it off it is a beautiful day, 67 and sunny. We're on the way home now and are going to stop for ice cream, that in itself is a real treat. We never do that for some reason. Hope you are having a great day too!
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Friday, February 6, 2009


Abby wanted to dress like a boy to school today so "Vincent and Wade wont be mean at me." Kids can be irritating.
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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Reese Part Two

I keep thinking of things I should have included so I can remember them...she really is growing up too fast.

Reese LOVES bubble gum, she calls it ga-gum and insists on eating it most of the day. We've only had one incident with it and she went to bed with it and woke up with it on her dress and a little on her hair. She also love chap stick. She calls it "wip" for "lip" and always wants some of that too. When I'm putting my makeup on she always wants some lip gloss and puckers her lips a little to check herself out in the mirror. Reese is a runner, a bit flat-footed still, but she runs every where she goes. Her feet slap the hard wood as she bounds across the house all day. Unfortunately, mixed with that, she is clumsy. I laugh and giggle at her all day as she gracefully trips over her own feet while running or walking over flat surfaces! Fortunately for us, she is tough. She rarely responds in more than a whimper and a "mommy I hurt myself," and after a kiss forgets immediately. I just love to watch her in wonder...
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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Blue for a Change

I made this (and two more just like it) for a friend of mine. I used Children's Corner "Madison" pattern which actually was more difficult than I expected. It took twice as long as I thought, although the first time you make something, it usually takes longer. I will say, though, that sewing in blue is just not the same as sewing in pink! ;)

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Reeser

Reese is getting so big, I can't believe it sometimes. She has her moments...some days I just stare and marvel at her, I think she's just gorgeous (as I'm sure most parents think of their kids)and her speech is amazing to me for a two year old. She says some funny things and uses full sentences most of the time. But sometimes, I wonder where this devil child came from! Kane thinks she inherited it from me but my mom swears I didn't stomp my feet and tantrum like that. When she doesn't get her way she starts-a-stompin'...and a screaming and flailing and crying! If you do something she doesn't like she opens wide and screams bloody murder right in your face...that's always nice. And yet, I am fully in love with her, smitten even.

Reese loves Dora and wants to watch "Dowa" all day long, she is very persistent to say the least. (which definitely came from Kane!) She stands right in front of the screen and answers all of Dora's questions. She carries her whole bumper around the house like a lovie and will snuggle up (and chew and suck) to most any stuffed animal though. It switches almost daily. She is very difficult in the eating right now, she pretty much lives on Ritz crackers, raisins, yogurt and nutrigrain bars. She also loves pop tarts and asks for candy all day, which of course I don't give her.

Reese loves dressing up like a princess even more than Abby (which I didn't think was possible!) She is wearing a princess dress over her clothes most of the day and sometimes sleeps in them too. Mismatched princess shoes always complete her look too. She really likes to paint and color with markers. I have to keep a close eye on this though because she is very skilled in the art of murals and carpet design. She is very good at art I think and is left handed, she even holds a pen the right way which is kinda cool.

My little diva is not afraid to tell you how it is and walks all over the house with her hands on her hips and sometimes a scowl on her face...she is a natural at the art of manipulation. Sometimes I give in without even thinking straight and Kane has to remind me what I just did! (He has always been pretty immune to the wiles of female manipulation!) I think she likes to taunt him, at night she refuses to tell him goodnight! She smirks and runs for her room! And that Reeser loves her mommy, she is stuck to me most of the time. I cannot get any alone bathroom time without her kicking and screaming at the door. She does go to preschool without a tantrum but most any other time we're separated she throws a, how I love that Reeser.

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