Thursday, February 26, 2009

From the Lips of Children

Last night Abby looked up at the sky and said "I wish, I wish, I wish (aka I wish I may I wish I might) I would be a princess and I would be big and I wish I would make flowers."

Today she said "Mommy I want Sam to come to my house because I love him. ( This is a boy in her class)" I said not today Abby. She said "But mommy I love him ( I wonder how many times I will hear that in the future!) yesterday I gave him a hug and a kiss and he liked it. He said he doesn't like it when his bwover (brother) kisses him, but he likes my kisses!" ...I'm sure he does!

Reeser the pirate's new fave phrase? "Mommy, I want somepin me want." She says this when she's not sure what she wants or wants to do, she just wants a change.

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Cheri said...

Oh boy- look out in about 10 yrs!!

Melissa said...

You made me laugh. Cute kiddos you have ;)

Kissing already-YIKES!

Dena said...

WOW! She's starting a little early - all those disney movies!