Thursday, February 5, 2009

Reese Part Two

I keep thinking of things I should have included so I can remember them...she really is growing up too fast.

Reese LOVES bubble gum, she calls it ga-gum and insists on eating it most of the day. We've only had one incident with it and she went to bed with it and woke up with it on her dress and a little on her hair. She also love chap stick. She calls it "wip" for "lip" and always wants some of that too. When I'm putting my makeup on she always wants some lip gloss and puckers her lips a little to check herself out in the mirror. Reese is a runner, a bit flat-footed still, but she runs every where she goes. Her feet slap the hard wood as she bounds across the house all day. Unfortunately, mixed with that, she is clumsy. I laugh and giggle at her all day as she gracefully trips over her own feet while running or walking over flat surfaces! Fortunately for us, she is tough. She rarely responds in more than a whimper and a "mommy I hurt myself," and after a kiss forgets immediately. I just love to watch her in wonder...
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