Sunday, March 1, 2009

See ya later Alligator

Here is my latest project,I first made the skirt with a friend on the sewing date. Then I brainstormed about what to put with it because I really liked how it turned out and Abby liked to wear it too. This is what I came up with. It was a pretty quick project. The skirt is Children's Corner "Katie's Skirt" and the top is Children's Corner "Carol" shortened to a shirt length. I also used this pattern here and here. The smocking plate is Laura Jenkins Thompson "See ya Later Alligator."

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Mari said...

It turned out so cute!

Cheri said...

Very cute!

Tommy, Erica, and Addie Kate said...

Precious!!! I LOVE the alligator smocking plate. I have an alligator outfit in the works for Addie Kate as well, but it's an applique. And I'm in LOVE with the Carol pattern - so quick and easy!
Oh, and I saw your comment - no, I didn't smock Addie Kate's outfit that you asked about. It was a dress for her last year that my mom made a pair of pants to wear with this year. I LOVE that about a bishop!