Monday, April 27, 2009

Heee-llo Luva!

Hehehe, a bit dramatic-I know! Today I got my new sewing machine that I have been wanting. I got a Designer SE from Viking (and my favorite little shop!) I haven't done much but take it out of the box, but I wanted to share the good news before I sat down to sew something. It is packed full of bells and whistles, including a color touch screen display. I think she needs a name...I'll work on that. Let me know if you have a fun idea and there might be a prize in it for ya'. So now I have two machines (plus the serger) and my tables a little crowded. Hmmm, didn't quite think that through. But I will be able to have sewing playdates and my friends don't need to bring a thing! I am sure to post some fun projects this week!

I made this cute little skirt to match a dress of Abby's from last year that I loved. I saw the fabric online and had to have a little. I made this skirt the other evening and monogrammed the t-shirt to match so she could wear it to a birthday party the next day. It is Children's Corner "Sassy Skirts" and it sewed up quickly. I didn't even start it til 11pm! I do still have to add some belt loops and a white sash to tie in a bow, those were optional and I think it needs it. I went up a size, added an inch to the hem and did a narrower hem than it called for. I serged the lining instead of hemming to save time too. The fabric is heirloom imports "bubbles." I thought it was pricey and that's why I decided on a skirt.Those are pink whales smocked on there...too cute. It's an Amanda Remembered, one of my fave brands to buy. And of course...I got it at my fave store! Here is the birthday boy, Cole. He turned 5...I just can't believe it. He is Abby's most favorite friend. He moved away last year and we try to see him often. She tells me she misses him and want to call him all the time. Sometimes she randomly starts crying because she misses him. He calls her his Princess and they are cute and snuggly together. She may be one of the few rough and tumble girls who can keep up with him too! ....Haha, I just realized that Jonah, one of his brothers, is picking his nose in that awesome birthday shot I snagged! Priceless.

In other happenings, Kane went on his first real fishing trip of the season Saturday while we were at the party. He had a great catch that will definately feed us and his crew mates for the Summer. Check out the biggest one. Now, Kane is a big dude, so this fish is longer than I am tall. It weighed more than 50lbs (that's the maximum weight of his scale) and had another keeper sized dolphin (cannibal!!!) still hanging out of mouth from lunch. They had a great day on the water, it was beautiful and almost 95 degrees. And let me say, we had a yummy grilled Mahi dinner last night too! Hooray for hubs!

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Mari said...

Looks like a wonderful sewing machine - just think of what you will do with it!
What a catch for Kane - that is one big cannibilistic fish!

Melissa said...

Hey Leslie,
You have made the cutest things for your little girls. I have enjoyed looking back at all of your creations. Love the new machine. I am still stuck in straight stitch world.

Jennifer said...

That has to be the ugliest fish I have ever seen. I had no idea that is what dolphin really looked like. Why do we call porpoises dolphins anyway?

Cheri said...

Oh my word- that fish is huge!!!
So I'm betting you're going to be really tired tomorrow morning when you don't get any sleep from being up all night sewing!!

Hippie Family... said...

wow, thats a great viking, I have a babylock. we should talk embroidery sometime!