Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Giveaway! My first ever...

Sew mam Sew is one of my daily bloggie stops, it is such a fun source for inspiration. They have organized a giveaway day of handmade items or supplies for making handmade things. Here is my item of choice for this event...
Its' a quilted notebook cover that I made a few weeks ago in Viking club. Isn't it cute? That's what I made for my teacher gifts this year and they were a hit. It velcros shut, has a pen holder and is refillable. To sign up for this giveaway...
  • Leave a comment, if you are not signed up for a blogger id, comment as anonymous and put your email address in the comment. You may have to spell the "at" and the "dot". ie: bloggiefriend(at)yahoo(dot)com
  • I will leave commenting open until May 31st
  • The recipient will be chosen at random and international shipping is fine

Good Luck! Go visit Sew Mama Sew for tons of other fun giveaways from new to you sites and blogs!
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Saturday, May 23, 2009

End of the Year

This Thursday was the girls' preschool end of the year festival. It was yucky weather outside and I was surprised not to see any one or any jump castles when I got there....that's because they had cleared out the children's chapel and blew up the castles inside! It was tons of fun.Here is the little eating area in the chapel...lunch was done by the time I got the picture. It was so cute.This is cute little Lainey, Reese's partner in crime in K2. They are precious together. Reese happened to be in time out (imagine that) and Lainey have her the biggest, sweetest hug to console her.
This is Sam, Abby's buddy. She dragged him around all morning introducing him to everyone. Here's the official intro with Daddy. She is just smitten. Someday this won't be nearly as fun.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I stayed up last night making teacher gifts for the last day of school today. I didn't decide definatively to make them until about 7:30pm...always a last minute person. Anyway, they are cute, quilted notebook covers that I made in a class a few weeks back. I whipped them up with some fabric in my stash that I could not decide what to do with. I almost wanted to keep one for me and trade out my class one, but they are cute and monogrammed so I left them all the same (although one of the teacher's initials is L!)There was a short "program" in Abby's class this morning where they showed us a little of what they did each day. First saying the pledge of allegiance, which was so sweet. I have to admit I was a little verclempt during that...I am a sappy mommy I guess.Then they sang some songs that they used to learn the days of the week and months of the year.And also some fun songs as well, glad I found clean bloomers to put on Abby this morning...some of the other moms were not so lucky. They were called up for a hug from sweet Ms. Terri and a diploma. I must say we love us some Ms. Terri, we had her two years in a row and she loves my Abby like no other. Abby also loves her other teacher Ms. Brady, who I didn't manage to get a picture of. We are going to miss them next year, but I'm sure Abby will get plenty of hugs and kisses in the hallway.

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sites I love to Snoop

I have been checking out lots of fun sites lately for inspiration and techniques. I didn't do any sewing this weekend, partly because I don't have my serger, but mostly because I've been exhausted this week. Here are some fun sewing blogs and site I've been visiting...
Craft Addict, Craft Apple,

Fly Through My Window

Sew Blessed

Sew Mama Sew

Caroline's Closet

Domestic Diva

Wonder Mommy

During Quiet Time

fashioned by meg

Daily Thread

Selvage Blog

The Handmade Dress

Craft Gossip

And here are a few tutorials that I'd like to try in the near future...

Oliver and S Skirt

Pin Cushion

Fabric Flower

Mitered corner napkins

Shirring (cute sundress)

Baby Shoes

And something I want to order... pincushion ring

As you can see, I have been on this laptop far too much lately! If you sew, I hope you have fun with my very favorite bookmarks! If not, there's a few fun things scheduled this LAST week of school (insert sobbing here...) and there will be some fun stuff soon.
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Friday, May 15, 2009

Here's my latest project...cute little burmuda shorts. It's hard to see from the busy fabric but these have a lot of detail and are so cute. The pattern is Favorite Things' "Little Smartie Pants." It was a very fun project and the first time I ever put side seam pockets in before. The directions were really clear and easy to follow. It does run a little big, I think. Abby really could have worn a three, but she is a little skinny mini!
There may not be any fun projects for a few days, I finally took my serger in for a cleaning. I am certain that it needed it because I bought it used and have never serviced it myself. I will be doing lots of cleaning this weekend and will post some pics of the new paint around the house as soon as I get it presentable again. Maybe I will do a bunch of cutting this weekend and when I get the serger back I can zip them all together!

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Muffins for Mom

Friday was Muffins for Mom at Reese's school and that is always such a treat. Reese was so excited to show me the crafts that I made for her and to snack on mini muffins. Her class mates were precious and she has a few cute friends that I met.

After school we went to Taget to do some errands and came home with this gaudy princess pool that the girls had to have. They had the best time and we had some sweet friends come over to break it in with us. Reese likes to kiss the princesses on the "mirrors" which was precious.

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Friday, May 8, 2009


I just love getting new fabric! I have a few plans for these and some I just loved and they are still a mystery. Can't wait to work with these!
Leslie Wright

Messie Lessie

Yes, I am a super least I can admit it. I was thinking, in jest, this morning that my car could use a maid or a yard sale. Its a Suburbann so when its full...its a lot of stuff. I'm cleaning it in just a few minutes while the water hose entertains the girls...but man its hot!
Leslie Wright

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Deja Vu

I know I have already shown this outfit, but Abby's top was too big for a top...too small for a dress. So I gave it to Reese and made another one for Abby. This time I took out 4 inches of length and I think it's perfect. And of course I like them to match anyways...but it is so much more fun to only make one of something I have found.
Another project that I have been working on is making some tags for my clothes so that they look more finished. I hate the store bought generic ones and got an idea from one I saw on ready made wear that is from a small company. I used this tutorial to design it, which actually took me a while. I put it on T-shirt iron on sheets for the ink jet printer. I had to mirror image it so that it would face forward after I ironed it on. I plan to put it on inch wide ribbon but couldn't wait to try it out. This tester is on a piece of selvage that I serged one edge. Dena helped me with the name..she is so good with words! Thanks to Darby and Dena for the inspiration!

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Abby loves a Ladybug!

I was in the sewin' shop on Friday to get a few things for my weekend sewing and saw this fabric. I had to have it, it was such a pretty color. I worked on this instead of what I originally planned. It is a skort by Children's Corner called "Sara's Skort." I already had the applique design and used the red with black dot from the shorts for the bug. Abby was so excited when she saw it! It's a terrible picture from my phone but when I went to take a good one just now, it was covered in pb&j!

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Monday, May 4, 2009

A Full Weekend

We had a busy weekend, filled with birthday parties, family visits and sewing. I like this first picture where Reese managed to insert herself in the middle of this family picture!We got a new park in town that is filled with cool new toys designed for big kids...the girls just love it and look how Reese is quite the climber! She did need help on the way down though.Here is the Reeser with another birthday girl. Here's Lily Kate...Reese's official partner in crime. They have a love-hate relationship that puzzles me, I must say.Here is the Sassy Skirt that I made a week or so ago. I finally put the belt loops and sash on this weekend. It looks much cuter now, I think. When it came time to turn the tiny belt loop tube inside out, I was at a loss. So, I went diggin in the kitchen drawers.And found this. It worked surpisingly well...can you tell what it is? It's a shrimp deveiner...which I never use. The handle is thick and easy to hold and the tip is rounded so it didn't poke a hole in the end of the tube. So, I stuck it in the jar with my scissors and such instead of returning it to the back of the drawer.

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