Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Abby loves a Ladybug!

I was in the sewin' shop on Friday to get a few things for my weekend sewing and saw this fabric. I had to have it, it was such a pretty color. I worked on this instead of what I originally planned. It is a skort by Children's Corner called "Sara's Skort." I already had the applique design and used the red with black dot from the shorts for the bug. Abby was so excited when she saw it! It's a terrible picture from my phone but when I went to take a good one just now, it was covered in pb&j!

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Mari said...

That is so cute! Everyone loves a ladybug!

Terri said...

So cute!! If only you lived closer - I'd have you make some for Shaelyn. Her favorite outfits are skirts or skorts!